Woburn E Team - Mitey-Mite Division

The Might Mite level consists mostly of youths from ages 7,8 & 9 years of age. Youths that are 7,8 & 9 years of age before August 1 of the current year can weigh anywhere from a minimum of 45 lbs. to a maximum of 100 lbs. to be eligible to play.

The "E" team normally consists of players from the 7 and 8 year age group. 9 year olds can only play if they are in their 1st year of football at the "E" level. National Pop Warner has gone to great lengths in studying age and weight schematics at each level of play to insure safety of all participants.
The current coaching staff has a great football background. It's the staff's philosophy to teach the very basics of the game so that each player can learn the importance of fundamentally sound football with never losing sight that games are meant to be fun.

With football being a very team orientated sport it, offers young athlete's a great structure to grow, in terms of discipline, maturity, self confidence along with instilling self pride. Most players that participate realize that football is one of the few fun sports and the coaching staff takes a lot of pride in seeing many players continue to participate through the program and onto the high school programs.
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