Participants & Rosters (as of 4/4/2019)

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Chris Roy

Chris Roy
Last roster update: 3/23/2019

Starter - Michael McNicholas
Starter - Greg Chase
Starter - Dwyer Tschantz
Reserve - Dillan Fox

Starter - Derek Pratt
Starter - Brycen Martin
Reserve - Blake Kessel
Tiebreaker 1 - Ryan Ferrill
Tiebreaker 2 - Zach Tolkinen
Tiebreaker 3 - Taylor Cammarata

PFL History
2018-2019: 36-21-3, 1st in Blue Division, 5th overall, lost in Semifinal Round
2011-2012: 22-37-1, 6th in Black Division, 19th overall, did not make playoffs
2010-2011: 28-30-2, 2nd in Red Division, 10th overall, lost in Quarterfinal Round
2009-2010: 34-20-6, 1st in Red Division, 2nd overall, lost in Semifinal Round
2007-2008: 36-16-8-5, 1st in White Division, 2nd overall, PFL Champion

Portland League Cup history
2019: 1-3-0, Second Round

PFL champion
Division title Division title Division title Kevin Dineen award Salty Pete award Crackers Award
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