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vs Velocity 3/20



Ya'll came to play, then we didn't, then we picked it up again with Paula dealing......I last clocked Paula on the radar throwing 57 mph last Season, she is still humming, but you DIRTBAGZ GOT HER!!!! That is now back to back games where you had to come back vs good pitchers, and vs a quality Coach in between....continue to GRIND, continue to believe, and we continue to improve....SCARY THOUGHT RIGHT??? we haven't played our best yet, but that day is coming soon....job well done, cya on the diamond........

We came out smoking...Ayo bbs, Shark Bait 2bs her home, Big A 2bs Shark Bait home, Mari legs out 2b of her own to start us with 3 runs across....then we fell asleep...30 pitches, 3 bbs, 3 hits, and 2 fielder's choice allows them to plate 5 runs, WHAT JUST HAPPENED???

Well I always have plan A, plan B, plan C, and if I need, plan D always in the back of my truck...plan B was now in effect....though we had Rya hit a 3b, it came with 2 outs and we didn't score her, but JellyBean took the circle, she shut down the top of the order 1-2-3, and yes we invented pitches at practice Monday that were working, way to believe the equipment guy kid.....we then had Sarai start inn with a 1b, Shark Bait 3bs, and as we ran for her, we brain feeze and get doubled up, but we did push across a run to get the score 5-4 them...JellyBean once again rolling pitches up there that she learned yesterday, and they were still working, NICE JOB KID!!! 4 batters up, 3 down...and it gives us a chance...Jelly helps her cause and 1bs to lead off, Delany chases her with 1b up the middle of her own, 2 quick outs, and Rya and Ayo follow with bbs, Sarai 1bs to plate 2 more, Shark bait drives her to 3rd, and on her way home the KNUCKLEHEAD FORGETS TO SLIDE!!!!! we lose a run at home, but managed to push 4 across to regain the lead......8-5 good gals.....never change a good thing, not this equipment guy, we need to work all players to keep them sharp, so we re entered Mariana in the circle, she was in the ZONE, 12 pitches and 4 batters later we closed the inn strong, way to believe KID, I believe, you better believe along with us......8-5 with 10 minutes on the clock.....Big A (11 yrs old) leads off with a bb, Mari had a big night and 1bs her to 2nd, after an out Delaney hits ground ball to short and we score crucial run....Heaven and Mariana again bb, and another 11 yr old Iris hits ball up the middle that Paula makes a play on, and down we go but now up 9-5...we stay with plan B and roll Big A to the circle, she knifed through the last 3 outs, collects her save, and helped close out the game.....a little adversity, (it means we were losing), but we showed great character in fighting back and pulling off another quality win, JOB WEll DONE KNUCKLEHEADS!!!! WE NEED TO GIVE KUDOS TO COACH ADRIAN FOR RUNNING A STELLAR OFFENSE ATTACK WITH YOU DIRTBAGZ - KUDOS TO YOU COACH ADRIAN.......cya on the diamond.....

PS DirtBagz----------9

LQ Velocity----------5


Mariana 2 inn/ 5 runs/ 3 hits/ 4bbs/ 1k/ - JellyBean 2 inn/0 runs/ 1bb/ 2 ks/ - Big A 1 inn/0 runs/0bbs/2ks


Ayo 2bbs/ Sarai 2-3/ SharkBait 3-3/ Big A 1-2/ Mari 2-3/ Jelly 1-3/ Delaney 1-3/ Heaven bb/ Mariana bb/ Rya 1-1