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vsPD Huskies


What did we just become a WITNESS to??? we saw our "Lil Girls" become Beasts at the plate, and for ONE NIGHT, was it fun to watch....yes I was proud of them....but as "OUR GIRLS" were ripping the laces of the ball, I got caught up watching the pitcher on the field next to us, she was throwing gas, so I hope you girls enjoy this game, know what you can do at the plate, and be ready to put in the work so you will not be surprised for our turn vs the Indio Thunder, as they were dealing.....that will be a good challenge for you girls, but that time will come, and yes they will know we are coming, and trust me they will put in extra BP to get ready for you guys, so we will be up for the challenge.....job well done for one night, cya on the diamond...... 

SO we get sticks first....and I will let you in on our pre-game....I gathered the girls, I was poking fun at some of them with the hits we had last game out....I asked one of the girls to make sure and have mom and dad pick up some WHEATIES on the way home as "BIG SISTER- 11 yr old" is hitting bombs, I asked her if she put in request, her answer after a small laugh, no, I don't need it....well, she held up her end of it, 2 line drives up the middle, I'll bet she is breathing a sigh of RELIEF!!!! I EXPECT OUR GIRLS TO HIT---ALL OF THEM!!!! It is just something that was passed onto me, and something I will always make sure I pass along to whoever will hear me.....1st inn, 3 HOME RUNS...1 -2b...2-1bs....1-bb, put it together and we pushed across 6 the way, only 1 out recorded....Ayo led off with a walk...Sarai line drive 1b "WHEW PRESSURE IS OFF..SISTER HITTING WITH BIG BAT, I NEED TO SHOW UP!!!!....KFC 1b to center....SHARKBAIT hits a bomb!!!!...3 run Home Run....Mari follows with her own BOMB that rolled into the parking lot, and yes, it is harder to hit inside the park home run, you have to run hard, she sweats like her poppa!!!! Big A crushes a 2b to left center....and Jelly Bean finally gets her bat back, "Dad was allowing High school break it in for her, he just hasn't figured which end of the bat they should hold on to, it's a DHS THING".....but Jelly has it figured out in PS, and she drove a ball just as far as Mari, and she sweats just as much as her too, disgusting!!!!!!.....great start, 8 batters and 6 runs.....2nd inn was just as exciting....Dynamyte ropes a 1b up the middle, Heaven joins the hitn parade with a 2b to left......PD SHOWED RESPECT TO IRIS AFTER HER BOMB ON TUESDAY AND WALKED HER!!!!! Yes I let SIS SARAI KNOW SHE HAS PD SHAKING WHEN SHE COMES TO THE PLATE...." RESPECT!!!!"....Iris took her BB, Hollywood followed with 3b to left center, by this time I had 2 things on my mind, we need to ICE Coach Adrian's arm , and that left fielder was getting in great CARDIO workout the way the girls were hitting.....Sarai, with the pressure now off of her, hits another lazer up the middle, KFC followed with the same hit, then once again, MARI crushed the ball again, and yes, again into the parking lot, but this time Coach held her up at 3rd, a LOUSY 3b....THANKS A LOT DAD!!! another 6 across.....along the way, I have been humbled by being on the losing end of games 20-1, and we told the girls, hit it as far as you can, but we will get out on bases to be good sports about it, Redlands, CV and even Indio Storm - has mercied teams I was a part of, it didn't feel good, so I vowed to never do that to others if I was fortunate enough to be on the other side, and yes, the girls will be better "young Ladies" for the way, every Team that has ever Mercied us, yes we came back and beat 3 months later, I took my lumps and lost sleep over it, but had our girls come show it is a skill that can be taught, and if willing, it can be taught at a higher level with hard work, without having to pay for it other than lots of sweat and tears....... job well done, cya on the diamond.....

PS DirtBagz-------12

PD Huskies---------0


Big A/Dynamyte: A PERFECT GAME....0 Runs/ 0 Hits/ 0 Walks......NICE!!!!!


Ayo 1-2/ Sarai 2-2/ KFC 2-2/ SharkBait HOME RUN/ Mari HOME RUN & 3b/ Big A 2-2bs/ JellyBean HOME RUN & 2b/  Dynamyte 2-2/ Heaven 2-2 & 2b/ Hollywood 3b & 1b