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Elite Games vs Yucca Laces


Our success has come with a few things you MUST KEEP IN MIND.....we continue to develop PITCHERS....we continue to grow MENTALLY as HITTERS....we continue to GROW AS FIELDERS....and we continue to GROW AS CATCHERS.....there will come a day when we will say you are COMPLETE softball players, but in the mean time........our SUCCESS to the tune of 12 wins and ZERO loses have come with us YET to play at the best of our ability, as we are not a finished product yet, but working hard to get there, job well done, cya on the diamond.... QUALITY OVER QUANTITY

First, after hearing games would be canceled due to field issues, I immediately called Laces which was scheduled in Winchester as well, he agreed, so we had a game, and I am glad we made it happen....difference between "Rec Ball" and Elite / All Star Leagues is HUGE....Normally better Coaching, more disciplined players, quality pitchers able to execute pitches, defense usually clean on routine plays, batters have a plan at the yes, it will test the girls every time they take the field as they need to be in tune every game-every inn-every pitch.... so our first test as a team in the Elite level was fairly good..."How we played is not measured in the final score, it is measured in our approach", were we able to make adjustments throughout the game, and did we individually do our part to allow us to have success....the score will reflect our investment in the game, in our approach, and most important , ON EVERY PITCH..... we once again came out on the positive end, but from a Coach point of view, the Laces made huge adjustments that allowed them to compete with us.....after we crushed the ball to start, we battled every pitch of the game....our pitching has been REALLY GOOD, Defense has done it's part, but our hitting is where we have been able to separate from the other teams.... in both games, we had the BIG one inn to make the difference, we hit the ball hard all game long, but really only put it together in the 2 inn.......continue to work, continue to lock in on the minor adjustments needed to have success, and we will always be in a competitive for now, we showed up, played strong enough, and we will continue to grow, job well done, cya on the diamond.......

Game 1

9 pitches, 3 batters, and Big A gets us back in the dugout, that is a good start......then we went to work FOR REAL....KFC 7 pitch bb, Sarai smacks a 2b, Shark Bait bad at dodge ball, bases now loaded.....Mari continues to hit, 1b for an rbi....Ayo 1b for an rbi....we get struck out for 1st out, but 3 pitches later Big A 1bs for another rbi.....Heaven's line drive to cf caught, but reach base on an 8 pitch bb by Delaney....Mariana then smashes 3 run 2b (our #10 hitter!!!), good luxury to have.....Kfc follows with another 1b and after smoke clears, 7 runs across......Big A once again toed the rubber, hits Mad Max for lead off walk, then KFC catches ball behind 2b to double up Mad Max at first, strike out ends the inn, and we are back in the dugout.....the rest of the game....well we kept hitting the ball hard, a good thing, but it was hit hard right at the defense, and it happens, we just want to continue to grind out at bats as they will eventually find the gaps we are swinging for.......Mariana took the circle, 5ks in 2 inn....only glitch, 3 helped them score 2 runs, but otherwise we were clean on defense, we prepared prior to the pitch, and we were able to get out of inn by limiting the damage.....we did enough at the plate, we did plenty on defense, and most important, our pitching was strong enough to keep us in the shade, job well done....

PS DirtBagz--------7

Yucca Laces--------2

Hitting: KFC 1-1/ Sarai 2-3/ Shark Bait 2 bbs/ Mari 1-2/ Ayo 2-2/ Big A 1-2/ Heaven 2 line drives right at them...contiue to grind, those are quality at bats!!!)/ Delaney 1 bb/ Mariana HUGE 2b

Pitching: Big A/ Mariana 4 inn/ 2 runs/ 2 hits/ 3 bbs/ 7 ks/ only 58 pitches

Game 2

It was almost mirror image of game 1, except our 2 BIG ERRORS cost us 2 runs.......staying focused and wanting the ball in our direction is PART OF FOCUS required by us to strive for higher levels.....when we stand around, the ball will find us, and we will not be prepared to make the play....expect the ball, want the ball, prepare prior to pitch, and you put yourself in a position to have SUCCESS at a high is only a task IF we don't prepare on every pitch, it's no big deal if we make it "our  routine" every time we are on the diamond.....small adjustment, we can make it happen, and we will grow leaps and bounds......pitching once again was money.....Ayo and KFC were dealing....and minus our mistakes, we would have hung a ZERO.....quality pitches, trust our scouting report, and it will give us a chance to make the play.........hitting is always fun to watch from you girls.....a pitcher thinks in an inn or 2 the games are over, but it's the quality abs that I will always focus on, it we drive it right at them, they should make the play, but if we continue to grind out at bats and make quality swings, then the advantage will always stay in our favor, and yes, we caught their pitchers, they USED 3 IN ONE INN as we had quality swings.....Delaney lead off the 3rd with a seeing eye 1b....Mariana and Dynamyte followed with walks....KFC after showing her dodge ball skills and avoiding 3 wild pitches, drills a 1b to left.....Sarai also good at dodge ball, but all it got her was a 4 pitch walk, Shark Bait hits a 75 foot fly ball that fell behind 1st bse and in front of right field, enough for a "LOUSY SINGLE".....after a k and a ground ball rbi, Jelly Bean followed with a bb to finish our scoring of 5 runs in the inn....defense and pitching was the key once again today, as we had 2 big inn, but is good to have it, and hard to replace it.......somehow we replaced 2 strong arms, and our gloves have had their backs in every step of the way, job well done....cya on the diamond....

PS DirtBagz------5

Yucca Laces------2


KFC 1-2/ Sarai 2bbs/ Shark Bait 1b (bad at dodge ball hit by pitch 3 times today)/ Ayo bb/ JellyBean bb/ Delaney 1b/ Mariana bb/ Dynamyte bb


Ayo/KFC 5 inn/2 runs/4 hits/1 bb/ 6 ks/ only 68 pitches