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vs Thunder B/A MIX


I always welcome a challenge as I grew up in a family with 2 older brothers and 1 younger, it was always the 2 older vs my younger and myself, we played by stretching all the rules as they were bigger-stronger-and older than us, but I have to say, we younger brothers always held our own ground......why did I share??? 2 Reasons, I did this with my last group of girls in softball, play vs older, get stronger in the process, and force us to give the game 100% every time we took the field, we couldn't afford to goof around as we would be run out of games.....and I loved to hear our girls say we could do it, I always explained to the parents what the plan was, to trust in what I do with them, and they will leave a legacy that will be emulated by others in the Valley....I didn't lie, others are doing what we did, and doing very well with the template we have left behind, it is a "Copy Kat League"......I poked the bear as i got there, I told girls exactly how they would react, and it happened just the way we expected it to.....what I didn't expect for their Coach to get tossed for "Coaching his batters" (telling them where catcher was setting up), and I didn't expect him to tell me he can't compete in 14s with a 12u Team, that's why he needed "A" players to help....well at least I still have one thing on them, we never asked for help from Older Teams, we did it on our for Opposing Coaches wanting to Beat us really bad, that is on me and I will own it, They are tired of losing to Teams I Coach, and I am humbled to be part of Teams that have played well while I am pushing a pencil, You girls always show up and have my girls make the pitches, you girls field the ball, you girls hit the ball, you girls run the bases, I am just along for the ride, Way to Step up to the constant challenge thrown our way when certain Coaches are on the other side.....

So we played the most fundamentally sound defensive team I have seen in a while.....they were clean, they were disciplined, and they have many wins ahead of them as "Defense Wins Games", and they have that part of it figured out!!!! Not to be out done, we were matching them pitch for for play, but as we have been fortunate to see, our hits will find the gaps, and as we have seen plenty of times before, we have the ability to put plenty of pressure on a pitcher and her defense for the 1:45 minutes we play.......the intense atmosphere to take down the "DirtBagz", you are not sneaking up on anyone anymore, as you are creating a buzz around the Valley of how you play, and that is ALL YOU GIRLS.....through 3 inn it was 3-3, with only 1 error on our side, and 0 on theirs, it was clean exciting softball, the way the game is meant to be played......though we had 6 hits through 3 inn, we only scratched 3 runs, and though they only had 4 hits through 3, they had a huge 2 run 3b when we failed to locate and made us pay in a big way.....but we have been fortunate enough so far, the last 2 inn, well.......10 hits, 4 -1bs, 1-2b, 3-3bs, 2 HRs, all in 2 inn, it's what we have been doing in the past, and what we just did again tonight.........9 runs and 10 for them, 1 walk and 1 error, neither of which hurt 3-3 tight game turned into 12-3 route.....but I tip my hat to this squad, they played well, we just continued to do what we do, and it ended for us in a very good way....and a side note our buddies looking in on our site will enjoy like I did....I did tell their Coach at end of game "I was poking the Bear" as I knew how they would react, but I was told it is OK to use players on more than 1 roster....HUH??? I had to ask, and the answer I received, NO, girls are placed on 1 roster, not 2....hmmm, they will tell us what the book says, but will allow their teams to do as they wish....I have been constantly told I "CHEAT".....but glad we play the game by the rules handed out to everyone, and just been fortunate to have success that way, job well done ladies, cya on the diamond.......hope I was able to entertain our guests that are curious to how and where we play the game, cya soon.....

PS DirtBagz---------12

Indio Thunder B/A--3

PITCHING:  Ayo was beast....5 inn/3 runs/6 hits/3bbs/8 KS/ 67 pitches 

2 Pitching mistakes, 1-2 for a 3b and 0-2 pitch for a 2b, otherwise GREAT GAME


KFC 3b/1b/3b/HR- Sarai RBI- Ayo bb- Shark Bait 2b/HR- Big A 1b- JellyBean 1b-Mari 2b/3b-Dynamyte 1b/3b/1b(don't trim your nails, your 3b was safe by a BIG TOE NAIL!!)-Heaven 1b/1b/2b- Hollywood 1b/1b

"Little Insight"

Mari was down after being coached up by Coach Adrian, it happens, I tell her, Yo, lousy 1b and Coach will buy you a "Happy Meal" on the way home....she did one better, she blasted a lazer to right field for a 3b, after she scored, I let her know she just lost her "Happy Meal, but gets to Super Size" her dinner....and Heaven...they have been terrified of her with the "A" team, all she did was go 3-3.....Dynamyte chipped in with her toe nail triple and 2 clutch 1bs....and KFC...3b to lead off, line drive 1b 2nd at bat, I then should have held her up on her next 3b as she homered on her last at bat, a 2b away from the "CYCLE" (1b/2b/3b/hr), doesn't happen very often, but we will settle for her 2-3bs...... 

THAT IS GOOD HITTING!!!!!! Job well done, cya on the diamond...........