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vs Indio Intensity


We have played well, we have improved every time we stepped out on the diamond, but we are by no means a finished product yet.....I tell you this as it seems the game is coming easy, I just don't want you to get ahead of yourself just yet.....we have room to improve, just check our batting avgs. and you will see where we are bouncing up and down......would I love to see everyone hit .800??? yes, but I do know that is extremely hard to accomplish, and with minor adjustments it is possible to improve your average every at bat.....are we flawless on the field defensively ???? NO, but we can continue to get better, if we put in the work at practice.....the Weekend games and hopefully some fill in games vs stronger Teams will be  a better gauge as to where we stand in the ability to play the game, it will not come as easy, but we can still achieve positive results by hard work......tonight we managed to play 13 players in 3 inn of play, that is hard to do, but we got everyone in the game, not everyone played same amount of time, but it is a "Team" game, and we make it work....I will tell you something I always did in the past, and Ayo - KFC - and Shark Bait will let you know, if you were late to practice, I sat that player, if you missed practice and no show no call, you didn't play, it kept everyone accountable, it pushed everyone to work hard together, and it produced very competitive teams on the is something we lived by, just hasn't been done with this group as except for 4 players, we are still figuring out who is who, and where we can best benefit "this Team" when we saying this, we are still a work in progress, we are still improving, but we must remember that we are 1 piece of the puzzle to make the 13 players move as ONE.....I do like the direction we are heading, we will be better than when we started this run, but we must continue to work as it will not be given to us, it is something we must continue to put in the time to accomplish.....try and improve yourself every WILL show on the field, and that is when you will say YES, I have done my part, and YES I am better than when I started this run......

vs Intensity

We came out vs MJ as the pitcher, and though she throws hard, she was all over the place.....we put in some really good swings, but lets be honest to ourselves, I expect you guys to make several of those catches, we should make lots of those "routine" we were gifted some of our hits, we will take them, BUT WE NEED TO CATCH THOSE WHEN IN OUR DIRECTION.....defensively, we made the plays we needed, KFC knocked down a line drive up the middle....Shark Bait snared a line drive down the 3rd base line......Big A, aka "P"....hosed a runner on a 1st and 3rd situation, I don't think they thought we would throw it, but our 11 year old did just that, hosed her.....and our pitching once again was solid.....KFC only 18 pitches in 2 inn, Mariana only 13 pitches in 1 inn, that is good work, allow the defense to chip in where needed, and our pitching has been really good to this was a good night, I saw some really good swings, and hopefully it will carry over vs Paula on Thurs.....job well done, cya on the diamond.....

Pitching: KFC/Mariana 3 inn-0 runs-1 hit- 2 bbs- 5 ks

Hitting: KFC 3-3/ Shark Bait 1-1/ Mari BB/ Ayo 2bbs/ "P" BB/ Dynamyte 2-2/ Mariana 1-2/ 11 yr old Iris 1-1/ Heavon on Earth 2-2

KFC 2-3bs/ Shark Bait 3b/ Dynamyte 2b/ Mariana 2b/ Heavon can Wait 3b POWER HITTING!!!!!