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vs LQ Velocity


We prepared for Paula on Monday practice ( all 7 of us),  and by facing MJ on Tues also allowed us to be game expected, the girls came out and hit well, but Paula wasn't throwing like she normally does, so I had to ask, is she ok???? Her Mom told me to check her hands, she was wearing nails bigger than my foot!!!!.....we dodged a bullet, but I will set up a scrimmage against them when she wears those things down......Pitchers as usual did their thing, Hitting matched the pitchers, and our defense left us scratching our heads wondering why we weren't making "routine" plays???? we didn't get in our usual infield work on Monday, our timing was off, and yes, it showed up wasn't terrible defense, just not the defense we are starting to get used to watching the girls play.....errors will come, mistakes will be made, but how we improve from those mistakes it what will make us stronger in the long we will chalk this one up as a "Learning Lesson", we will move on, and though we weren't our sharpest tonight, it was still good enough for a lot of runs, and we will push to be stronger next time out....job well done, cya on the diamond.......

I do know you guys haven't lost, but we are STILL a work in progress, it takes time and hard workto be a complete team.....yes we are making strides to get there, but if we are content in what we have accomplished, we will cease continuing to grow....we will not settle for just winning Rec Ball games, let's continue to push ourselves and hopefully continue the UPWARD SPIRAL we are on, it can and will get better so long as we believe we can be better, and I BELIEVE WE CAN, SO WE WILL GRIND TO REACH HIGHER PLATEAUS.........

vs Velocity

we gave up back to back 1bs with 2 outs, and I made a mistake in calling a wrong play.....I should have trusted in Ayo to take care of batter, but I called a play to back door pic a runner, if we don't try it, we will never know if we can do it, we didn't execute it, and we gave up a run, it happens, we need to score anyways right????? As soon as we got our turn with the sticks, KFC hammered a 3b, a MOM came running to Coaches behind me telling them, SEE, I TOLD YOU THEY CAN HIT, MOVE THEM BACK PLEASE!!!!!! I wanted to laugh, but now know who is Coaching that team.....Ayo laid down a great SAC BUNT to score KFC.....Shark Bait then 2b, Mari moved her over with ground ball to right side, and Dynamyte cashed her in with 1b up the middle, we took control back, and really never looked back......inn 2 was 4 batters, 3 ks and an error, it happens, but we come back to the sticks up 2-1.....our approach in the 2nd inn was much better, Paula "quick pitches", she doesn't wait for batter to set up, she pitches while we are still bouncing around, though we got her timing down, and made it work for us in a big way.....after Mariana bbs, Heaven continued to hit well, she 1bs to left....JellyBean then hit into fielder's choice and we lose runner at 3rd, but not to panic, Delaney blooped a 1b over 1st base, Sarai drew a 7 pitch walk, Ayo drew an 8 pitch walk, Shark Bait then 1b, Mari followed with 1b of her own and we were in complete control, 5 runs across, as this was happening, the "Coach came back to address the group of Coaches behind me, "isn't there anything else we can do?? they hit every pitch we throw????".....their answer was priceless, "You get in there and pitch, see if you can figure out what she is doing wrong"....she left cursing those "useless group of %$*&#!!!!".....boy was I glad I wasn't on their side......up 7-1 in the 3rd, Ayo once again retired the first 2 batters, then a lousy 1b....Big A was now catching, they tried to run on her, and our 11 yr old erased the threat, as impressive as the throw was, the tag was even better, Sarai dropped it to the bag, the runner tagged herself out and in the process nearly tripped, PERFECT TAG, PERFECT THROW, it can be done......after our first batter was retired, we put on a great hitting display....Mariana 3b- Heaven can Wiat 1b-Jelly Bean 1b- Delaney 2b- KFC 3b - Ayo bb- and Shark Bait hits a line drive that rolled out to deep center field for inside the park HR, smoke cleared, 6 runs across.....and as I expected, the "Coach" came back, she says, "No I don't have an idea how to get them out, but what you guys are doing isn't working either, why don't you just try anything else, we didn't sign up for this!!!!!...nice job ladies, I have never been so entertained by an opposing dugout, normally my ears are ringing from all my mistakes being pointed out to me, so for one night, I enjoyed the chatter from the first base dugout.......entering the last inn, we had already "mercied the Team", but they wanted to bat so they can try a different pitcher on us......well, we came out Mari lead off with a walk, and after a good catch by 2nd baseman , I lost Mari at first by getting aggressive lead, THAT IS ON ME, MY BAD MARI.....Big A then 1b, Mariana walks, and we go quietly in the last inn ...but the "Coach let those Caoches let her voice be heard again, SEE, IT DOESN'T HURT TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT, WE COULD HAVE WON with MAKALA PITCHING!!!! I learned something as well, Coaches don't know everything, they should listen to the "Parents Outside the Dugout", they have all the answers, it was music to my ears.......job well done ladies, really good hitting, really good pitching, and just enough defense to put in a good ending, cya on the diamond......

PS DirtBagz--------13

LQ Velocity---------3

Pitching:  Ayo/KFC 4 inn/ 3 runs/ 5 hits/ 1 bb/ 7 ks

Hitting: KFC 2-3/ Ayo 2 bbs & SAC BUNT/ Shark Bait 3-3/ Mari 1-2 & bb/ Dynamyte 1-2/ Big A 1-3/ Mariana 1-1 & 2 bbs/ Heaven 2-3/ JellyBean 1-2/ Delaney 2-2/Sarai bb/ Iris RBI