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4/29 Elite Games


A day I as a Coach was looking forward to, the Mo Val Extreme has won every where they have gone, they win at a high rate, and beat good Teams along the yes, one of the things I do to prepare for these kind of Teams, is look at their lineup 1-9, see their weak spots, and use them to our benefit, on offense, I make sure I am on same page with Coach Adrian, adjust our hitters as we need to, and live with the results.....we played one of our best games to date......clutch pitching, ZERO WALKS.....means our pitchers were ON!!!!, only 3 ks, which means our defense was asked to play defense, and did what they were supposed to do, make routine plays, and keep the runners off the bases.......and hitting, we came to work.....13 hits in the game, only struck out 3 times, which meant we saw the ball well, put in quality swings, and kept pressure on their defense....Coach Rodney from the Xtreme told me they had not been beaten this bad in 2 years, and it humbled them to the point that they were doing infield practice between games, not sure it was the best idea, but to each his game 2....well we pitched extremely well again, a song I have been singing all Season long, pitching has been clutch!!!! we did ok on defense, we misplayed 2 bunts, allowed both runners to reach safely, we allowed 2 fly balls to hit the grass, both should have been caught......but as we have done so many times, our pitching got us out of the jams......what we didn't do, we din't hit as a "Team"......1-6 in the lineup went 6-11, 7-10 went 0-8 with 7 hitters, we failed to adjust to how they were pitching us, and I have to tell you girls, Coach Adrian was telling you the right thing, GET UP ON THE PLATE, we failed to adjust, and it cost us as far as the quality at bats we just showed in game 1......softball is a game of ADJUSTMENTS, pitchers adjust to hitters, hitters adjust to pitchers.......if we just get a bat, stand in the box because it's our turn, advantage is given to the pitcher....if we study the catcher, see where she is setting up to other hitters, we have done our homework, and advantage back to the batter when it's her much as Coach Adrian and I preach it, it eventually falls on you as a hitter to ADJUST, make the pitcher pay for that location you have studied, or success will be hard to achieve....this is the first game we didn't make the adjustment, we have done well as we have done our homework prior to our next at bat.....TIME TO FOCUS AND ENJOY THE SUCCESS next time around, this was a learning lesson for us, we must learn from it, and we will be better for it......cya on the diamond.......

vs Mo Val Xtreme

We put it all together vs the BEST TEAM we have played since we started the Season....Ayo and Mariana took care of the rock in the circle.....our defense came up with the plays that were needed to be made....and our sticks, as a TEAM, we did the best work we have done thus far.......1bs...2bs....3bs....HR....we had it all today, off a quality was good to see, the adjustments we needed to make we did, we worked good counts, had quality hacks, and ran the bases well....KFC had a 320' BOMB....Shark Bait laced a 3b, Mari hammered a 2b, Sarai 2-1bs...Ayo & Big A 3 1bs between them, Heaven and Jelly Bean chipped in with walks, Mariana hammered a 1b and had Delaney follow her with 1b of her own....we put it all together, and though there will be more challenges along the way, this game was really good towards our next outing, job well done...

PS DirtBagz--------14

Mo Val Xtreme------0

KFC 3-3 (HR&3b)/ Sarai 2-3/ Shark Bait 2-3/ Mari 1-3/ Ayo 1-2/ Big A 2-2/ Heaven bb/ JellyBean bb/ Mariana 1-2/ Delaney 1-3

Pitching: Ayo & Mariana 3 inn/ 0 runs/ 3 hits/ 0 walks/ 3 ks/ 34 pitches

vs Bomb Squad

As well as we played vs Xtreme, we didn't do as good vs Bomb Squad.....we kept game close by failing to adjust at the plate......we pitched lights out, and though we had 4 miscues on defense, pitching kept us out of any real trouble....but hitting, we gave away too many abs, not like us, but I do think the Bomb Squad was in our heads as a "Team".....for once it was fairly quiet on their side of the stands, they usually are active and you know they are there, but as they didn't do much at the plate, it was a different tone.....but when we had sticks, we put runners on board, just couldn't cash them in.... I was told not all their team was there, and next time out they will come out, so they left with confidence, they played well and kept us off the board like we normally score, we will NEED to ADJUST, and hopefully we can plate a couple more runs than this time time we will help the pitchers out by keeping more pressure on their defense, and hopefully we can take this as a "Learning Lesson" on how to adjust at the plate, and all will be back to "OUR NORMAL"......I did see something odd that I must admit I've never seen before, down 2 runs and 4 minutes on the clock, they called "time out" so they wouldn't have to pitch to us anymore, and 2 parents came and told Coaches if they don't get to hit again they should just call the game, THEY WERE KILLING THE CLOCK TO LOSE THE GAME??? I guess now I have seen it all, job well done, cya on the diamond....

PS DirtBagz------2

Bomb Squad------0

PITCHING: KFC 5 inn/ 0 runs/ 2 hits/ 7 ks

Hitting: KFC 1-2/ Sarai 2-2/ Shark Bait 1-2/. Mari 1-2(bomb off the top of fence & Fair Pole)/ Ayo 1-1/ Big A 1-2/ NOT LIKE US TO NOT HAVE EVERYONE CONTRIBUTE AT THE PLATE, BUT IT HAPPENS, AND HOPEFULLY THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME IT HAPPENS