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vs PD Bruins


Back in the saddle after our 2-0 win on was much lower level pitchers, but we still need to get it done.....also a plan we came up with, our top 4 hitters were subs for each other in the lineup, it allowed others that needed to experience success get the at bats to achieve that.....we learned a valuable lesson of being part of a "Team" that needs all 13 moving parts to be successful......though we had different roles today, we limited our mistakes enough to not allow too many runs.....and though we did have some good hits, we didn't allow anything more than a double, it wasn't that we couldn't extend the hits, it was to show sportsmanship along the way.......and yes, we were GOOD SPORTS TODAY.....there will be times down the road when we are not as strong as we are here in our Rec League, and we will remember these kind of games, and yes it will make us bigger players for having been a good sport along the was a strong team game, and another notch to our belt, job well done, cya on the diamond......

PS DirtBagz------------12

PD Bruins---------------4

We started the game with Bruin Coach asking to "have a word with me".....he told me, "A Coach here tells me you guys are a strong travel Team",  when he told me who told him that, I wasn't surprised, but thanked him for the compliment that Coach gave us.....I did tell him how we were approaching the game, and he thanked us for it, he just didn't think it was fair they were playing a "Travel Team"....I walked away, just saying always consider the source you hear things from, and I would be upset if I couldn't win at "Rec Ball" level as well.....true to form on our side, we had Hollywood catch, she hasn't caught in over a year.....we had Delaney catch, I don't know that she ever caught, but I worried for the umpire.....we also had Mari Mari catch, and it was hilarious watching her try to keep her balance without falling over....we also had our big guns sit, KFC - Shark Bait - Sarai - Ayo sat most of the game, they did pinch run, and they did get 1 at bat, you know, the luxury of being a "travel Team"....but all others got to play big inn, they played where they normally don't get a chance, and though mistakes were made, we kept them to a minimum......the Bruins pieced together 2 exciting inn for them, it kept us on our toes, and we came through with the leather when we needed it.......Iris had 2 force outs at 2nd, and for good measure, she applied a tag anyways after they were out......Ayo hosed runner at 3rd with Heaven Can Wait putting her glove in the clay, and waiting for runner to tag herself out, just like "travel Team" taught her, DHS is special place to play.....Mariana fielded 2 ground balls at 2nd to end their rally in the 4th inn....Dynamyte threw well for 2 inn, and Jelly Bean started her strong in the circle for 2 good inn as well.....all around Team Game, we played well for each other, and the strong bats was good to see.....with Coaches running around saying you are a Travel Team, expect 2 things to come out of it, Teams will be playing extremely hard to be the one to beat you guys, and expect comments and remarks coming from other side when we are playing.....continue to do you, continue to stick to our  plan, and we will live with the results, win or lose.......job well done, cya on the diamond.....

Pitching:  JellyBean/ Dynamyte 4 inn/ 4 runs/4 hits/ 2 bbs/ 2 ks

Hitting:  Hollywood 2-2/ Delaney 2-2/ Dynamyte 2-3/ Ayo 1-2/ JellyBean 2-3/ Big A 1-1/ Heaven 1-2/ Mariana 2 bbs/ Iris 1-1 (GOOD HITTING)