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vs Elite week#4


The big reason behind weekend games, push yourself, challenge yourself, for self discipline to make you a stronger complete player......"Rec Games"haven't offered that for you, but if we show up to Rec Games and expect Teams to just give us the game, it's not going to happen, and it won't end well....we must bring a better approach, IT IS A MUST......hopefully we have learned by the Non Challant approach we are bringing to these weekend games, it hasn't had our full attention, and yes, it is affecting the success you girls have been experiencing......we will face pitchers in Rec that throw well, and if we refuse to make minor adjustments to our game, they will not only win, they will let you know they won as their whole goal is to Beat the DirtBagz.....there is time to adjust , but in the end, it is up to YOU AS SOFTBALL PLAYERS to make NO EXCUSES, but adjust and not let the game pass on by us.....

We played the Xtreme, the most Complete Team we have faced, and the Laces, a Team that has one of the best Coaches in the Valley....we blew these Teams out the last time we played them, but they were ready this time around....we still hit well, but only in flashes here and there, we played defense well, but again only in flashes...and our best asset, we have been solid in the circle......Ayo was dealing.....Mariana struggled to find her release, but KFC stepped in and shut it down for we still continue to support our pitching, and we can compete....but now it is OUR TURN TO ADJUST.....NO EXCUSES, we make small tweaks to our game, and we can continue to have the success we are used to when we show up.....continue the grind, cya on the diamond......

vs Xtreme

The most complete Team, they pitch well, they defend well, and yes, they hit well.....first adjustment they made, pitched their #2 pitcher against us, and she was on, she had same approach with us, we just let her get the best of us in clutch situations......yes we scratched 4 runs, KFC bb, Sarai 1b, after we strike out never seeing the ball, , Mari CLUTCH  2b to push 2 across, Ayo 1b to push Mari to 3rd, Big A followed with a walk,  Jelly Bean 1b, and though we pushed 4 across,  we had her on the ropes, we let her off the hook.....then we came to the defensive side, we slept through the inn, they were the aggressor, and we REACTED, LATE.......we dropped the ball in left field, we threw away the ball at 2nd, and we threw one away at first, when the dust settled, it was 4-3 us, we still had a lead, but were we SLOPPY on defense the next 3 inn, we had 9 base runners, yet none of them scored, our "mental" approach at the plate was gone, we made bad decisions with the lack of a smart approach at the plate, we need to get back to trusting the plan at the plate, and swinging at your pitches, not the pitchers pitch......we have "friends" that are interested in what you guys do, they will read this, and apply it to their game, it will challenge us to get back to our approach to have better results, it can be done, it should be done, and it needs to get done to achieve success you are used to on the field and in the batters box.......clean up defense, it cost us 3 runs....cya on the diamond.....

PS Dirtbagz----------4


Hitting: KFC 1-2/ Sarai 2-2/ Mari 2-3/ Ayo 2-2/ Big A bb/ Jelly Bean 1-2/ Mariana bb

Pitching: Ayo 4 inn/ 3 runs/ 2 hits/ 2 bbs/ 7 ks/ 55 pitches

vs Laces

another fast start with the sticks, but just as quick as we started, we went away quietly after that, practice, practice, practice, take the constructive criticism, make no excuses, and positive change will happen, I BELIEVE.......KFC 1b, Sarai 1b, Shark Bait, welcome back 1bs, Mari sac fly followed by Big A 1b, we scratched 3 quick runs, 2 walks followed by Jelly Bean and Mariana, but we let them off the hook as bases were full, just came up short that clutch hit we needed......we only reached base 4 times in the remainder of the game, we were out smarted at the plate, we will change our approach, and yes, we will end with different results.......they had lots of base runners, it wasn't that they hit the ball hard, we had trouble with the strike zone and kicked a couple of ground balls, it only cost us 1 run.......when we made the change in the circle, only 2 runners reached, and yes, we made the plays we needed, when strikes are thrown and located, we can play defense on our toes, we can make plays by staying focused for shorter periods of time, so yes, we played much better the last 2 and a 1/2 we need to match the intensity in the batters box and it will be Dirtbagz as usual.....job well done, cya on the diamond.....

PS DirtBagz----------3

Yucca Laces----------1

Hitting: KFC 2-3/ Sarai 1-2/ Shark Bait 1-2/ Mari Sac Fly/ Big A 1-1/ Mariana 1-1

Pitching: Mariana 2 inn/ 1 run/ 1 hit/ 4 BBS/ 4 ks- KFC 2 inn 0 runs/1 hit/1 bb/ 4 ks