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vs PD Huskies


It was another game to get back to basics......we focused on keeping our Head quiet during our at bats, ball will go the direction it is pitched it we can keep our head still, at bats looked SO MUCH BETTER AS FAR AS OUR EYES ON THE BALL!!!! I LIKE IT!!!! Our 2nd thing, play catch, know what we are doing with the ball, and make the "routine plays"....we looked so much better executing the "routine"....I saw a sweet tag at 3rd by IRIS....a big focus at practice for us......I saw Mari ducking from a POP UP, and she was wearing catching gear, what in the heck????......I saw Mari ALMOST throw out a runner at 2nd from her knees, after giving her a 30' head start, she should have only given her 28'......I was a witness to HOLLYWOOD taking down a would be base stealer at 3rd, perfect throw, perfect tag.....we didn't swing and miss much, when we were able to swing, we made heavy contact......KFC lazer 1b...Mari lazer 1b....Hollywood line drive, Sarai seeing the ball well driving it up the middle, the Olivarez sisters have a great duel going with their batting avgs....and yes I am sure to let them know right where they are at after every pressure, just super focused to not slip up(Ayo .514/ Big A .512, couldn't ask for anything better for bragging rights in that household)......and I don't think I have ever seen anyone so MAD to get walked, Shark Bait furious after having been walked, 2 times, if she would have hit it, well...she wouldn't be so grumpy, it's on her.......and MARIANA...oh MARIANA......fence was at 180'....she hit it 179', a lousy foot from a "grand Salomi"....yes, 1 lousy foot, and what does she get, a lousy 1b, Mari was cruising in front of her, stopped on top of 2nd base, and watched it bounce back into playing field, but she was done running, it left MARIANA with a 179' SINGLE.....good looking out was a fun game, these are good to have every once in a while, it shows the amount of work we have put in as a Team, and it is rewarding to know that because of the work we put in, every once in a while we get rewarded with a game that we can slip into "cruise mode", and still come away with something for now, Mini Break......come back re energized, and be ready to come out strong so we can put in a hard drive to the finish are slipping away....I was asked "how many games do we have left??"....closing in at the end, with Elite Tournament, roughly 6-8 games......we will grind till all games have had our 100% attention, and we will hold our heads high with the result we achieve, which at this point in time, We ARE KILLING IT!!!!!, job well done, cya on the diamond......

PS Dirtbagz-----------12

PD Huskies------------3