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vs Golden Bears


I arrived I'm walking up it is 2-0, we are on the field with runner on 1st / 2nd 1 out.....I can normally get a feel for the girls by how they warm up, and this game was no different, body language on the field was looking really good......Bobby (Ayo's Dad) did a great job getting them ready...Coach Adrian showing up at game time helped, as for me, I am hoping I don't get a Ticket in the mail for using car pool lane riding "Solo"......I have always and will always tell the girls, "Next Man UP"......we were short handed, and of the 10, 1 was sick, (looked like walking Zombie...she even slept on the bench during game, poor kid....) and the other was at warm ups long enough to jam her finger prior to game.....great, almost as if we are playing with 8 players.........and though we moved girls around as a result of injury and sickness, we made the plays needed to be made, and with an unorthodox defense at 2nd base, it was to help with our wounded ballers......we made it work.......we made defense look strong, and as we've always done, our pitching was money.......Big A working behind the plate, threw out 2 would be base stealers....Ayo keeping bats quiet for 2 inn, KFC keeping them quiet for an inn, and Mariana dialed in after rough start finding the strike zone, it allowed our only 2 runs to score, but in the end, we continue to PITCH OUR WAY OUT OF TROUBLE......we HIT again, REALLY WELL.....we were witness to a defense that adjusted to our hitting, I liked how they played us, and it worked in spurts for them....but in the end, our sticks continued to hammer, and that is always good to see......job well done, cya on the diamond.........

Huge hits in the game.....Shark Bait clutch 2 run 1b and a BOMB....Big A 1b to start our rally.....KFC 1b and a BOMB.....Mari 2-3, and a 2b that us usaully a run if they don't play us standing 190' from home plate.....Heaven line drive 1b to drive in Delaney from 2nd....

Defensively Delaney playing up at 2nd to cover for our ailing 1st basemen, and it worked..............Big A hosing 2 runners at 2nd to shut down their rally.....KFC walked them, Big A erased them....that is new stratedgy I may try down the road....and we made the routine plays needed to be made, JOB WELL DONE!!!!! 

PS Dirtbagz -------8

CV Golden Bears---2

Hitting- Big A 1-3/ KFC 2-3/ Shark Bait 3-3/ Mari 2-3/ Jelly Bean bb/ Delaney bb/ Heaven 1-3

Pitching: Ayo 2 inn-0 runs-1 hit- 1bb- 4 ks/ KFC 1 inn -0 runs- 2bbs- 1 k/ Mariana 2 inn 2 runs 2 hits 2 bbs 1 k