1-Joe Flaherty

2-Dave Delattre (CAPTAIN)

3-James Rambo (CAPTAIN)

4-Nick DeFeo

5-Matt DiMartino

6-Joe Brown

7-Ryan Golin

8-Kyle Riether

9-Willie Jackson

10-Mike Blank (CAPTAIN)

11-Matt Glenn

12-Mike Rongione (CAPTAIN)

13-Chris McLendon

14-Doug Cordisco

15-Joe Humpf 

16-Ryan Dittes

17-Josh McCormick

18-Paul Halata

19-Kevin Dittes

20-Bob Premaza

21-Alex Mikedis

22-Cody O'Neal (Will miss Tuesdays and Thursdays)

23-Jimmy Ashton

24-Kevin Campbell

25-Mike Miller

26-Sean Peltz (Filled in for Anthony Titano)

27-Dave Girton

28-Dave Sosnoskie

29-Ryan Stark (CAPTAIN)

30-Danny Romero

31-Joe O'Brien (Fills in for Andrew Weiler)

32-Alex Bellow

33-Marcelo Affet

34-Cory Garrity

35-Randy Young

36-Matt Smith

37-Joe Crotty (Will miss Tuesdays and Thursdays)

38-Josh McCall

39-Joe Swanekamp

40-Anthony Verderame

41-Abass Kanu

42-Wade Borsavage (Wednesday and Thursday Only)

43-AJ Jarell Aiden

44-Duffy Barrett

45-Jess Brawn

46-Jesse Titano

47-Tom Metszger

48-Joe Affet

49-Pat Dormoh

50-Anthony Shelepets (Filled in for Casey Adams)



51-Mike Wynne

52-Dylan Lange

53-Mike Fehrle