Intrigue, suspense surround captains announcement

January 8, 2013 – 02:46 PM

Steve Wyche, ACFL Network

SACKVILLE, NB - There are many rumours surrounding this evening's announcement of the five men who will captain the 2013 ACFL teams, one of which includes league commissioner Richard Deschamps, who was the captain of the championship team last year. With Deschamps' health in question, it is unsure whether or not he will play, but his agent has not given any signs indicating that he won't. The fact that Deschamps won't be at the press conference this evening makes me think that he intends to play, and either does not want to be bothered with questions about his health, or does not want to overshadow everything as there may be other storylines at play.

Tyler Nadolny, the spirited and rambunctious captain of last year's disappointment Get Money, hasn't confirmed anything either, but if he does choose not to play or to be a captain, it will certainly leave some ACFL fans looking for a new team. Nadolny was a fan favourite last year, so his presence could be sorely missed by the ACFL if he opts out.

It's widely believed that Mike Lowe will make his return to the league, as will Alex Field. The two will once again match wits and arms against each other after some epic showdowns last season. Lowe sits first all-time in ACFL completions and touchdowns, and will look to build on his records while keeping the number of passes hitting the Flying A logo to a minimum. Field hopes to bounce back after a disappointing finish to the season being blown out in what is considered the most boring ACFL Championship game ever. A league-high 14 interceptions and 11 sacks against will likely have Field looking for an offensive lineman with an early pick if he does return. If either Lowe or Field doesn't return, it would be a surprise to many in the ACFL Insider's circle.

One of the more intriguing rumours surrounding the announcement regards former ACFL Champion Wray Perkin. The wily veteran has reportedly been contemplating coming out of retirement, but has said in previous years he would only do so if he was able to captain a team. With a 100% completion percentage in his two previous ACFL seasons combined, Perkin's decision to play could be one of the biggest storylines in the past two years. Currently the league's Director of Communications and Media Relations, it isn't likely he'll relinquish those duties but it will be interesting how they will impact his draft strategy and playing ability.

While it has been confirmed via Perkin's sources that there will be at least one very odd surprise captain, it is unclear who the surprise will be. The most likely candidate would be Morgan McIsaac, who was the ACFL's rookie of the year last season. Also a strong possibility could be Brandon Dubs, while Te Nguyen's name has also been mentioned in the past few days. Other candidates could include Josh Blanchard, Jacob Leblanc and Ben Grass.

Whichever five names are announced this evening, it will be the official opening of the campaign for the 2013 ACFL Championship, with the ACFL Draft List unveiling and Combine next on the schedule.