Deschamps pulls out of 2013 season

January 15, 2013 – 03:00 PM


Adam Schefter, ACFL Insider

SACKVILLE, NB - The ACFL world was rocked today when Commissioner, Captain and defending champion Richard Deschamps announced he would not be playing in the 2013 season due to Pectoral-Underarm Staff Skin Yersiniosis. In his announcement, Deschamps said he has been suffering from this disease for nearly his whole life, and there is not yet a known cure for it.

Deschamps also said the league would consist of four teams in 2013, much as it did for most of the 2012 season, which was his inaugural season as Comissioner. His role would be solely that of Commissioner, and while no set plans have been laid out, he did mention that he would serve as one of the ACFL officials this season. Jason Schandl, last year's Director of Officiating, has been appointed as the league's official statistician for 2013, and will likely serve in an advisory role alongside Deschamps.

The defending ACFL champion did not seem full of emotion when he announced his decision, saying, "This is something that has affected me for a long time, and will likely continue to affect me. There's nothing I can do about it except live my life with this disease. While I am upset that I won't be able to defend my title, I look forward to ruling my Empire without any distractions."

Deschamps' announcement came as a surprise to many, including league critic Chris Munn, who said via text message, "Deschamps was a corrupt dictator as a Commissioner and Player, I'm glad he will be able to focus on the official side of it without it benefitting himself and only himself. Maybe now the league will finally gain some integrity and become something more credible."

The decision by Deschamps leaves Alex Field, Mike Lowe, Wray Perkin and Iain MacMillan as the four team captains, who will soon have draft-eligible lists at their disposal in preparation for the ACFL Draft, a date for which is yet to be set. Field is the only returning captain from last year, while Lowe has captain experience.

Pectoral-Underarm Staff Skin Yernisiosis is a non-contagious disease which lowers courage levels and obscures judgement. It affects 1 in every 4 males between the ages of 18-25, but only 1 in 30 affected people are aware they have it.