Perkin to play ACFL despite new job

January 16, 2013 – 11:30 PM











Dave Naylor, ACFL Insider

SACKVILLE, NB - It appears as though Wray Perkin will play out his ACFL career before moving South of the border.

Despite his new job as head coach of the NFL's Chicago Bears, Perkin said today in a statement that he would finish his playing career and play this season, as he had already committed to it and "Didn't want to cause any more hassle by saying I would be a captain and then just decide not to play."

Perkin's announcement also commented on his excitement about returning to the league as a player, and his eager anticipation in looking forward to the ACFL Draft on Sunday. "My management staff and I have already put in a substantial amount of time in figuring out our draft boards, which also factored into my decision to stay for the season. I can't wait to assemble my team and make a run for the Championship."

Had he opted to move to Chicago right away, Perkin would have been the second captain this week to drop out of the ACFL after Richard Deschamps withdrew with injury problems. In a radio interview with TSN following his announcement, Perkin spoke of his past experience as commissioner in 2010 and how he knew how difficult it would have been for Deschamps to find a replacement captain for him.

The 2009 ACFL Champion also mentioned he was closing in on hiring a coach for the 2013 ACFL season; ironic considering his recent hiring as a coach. While he wouldn't name names, it is rumoured that among his final candidates for the coaching job are Tyler Nadolny, Stephen Armstrong, Gary Ross, and Kitty Cudi. Ross is the most intriguing of the names, as he is not currently in Sackville and likely wouldn't be able to come to the games. Head coaches are not mandatory in the ACFL, but teams have had them in the past to help the team captains with in-game decisions and personnel transactions.

Perkin takes over the Bears after a three-year ACFL playing career as well as being involved in the league office for four years. Perkin has also spent time coaching high school football, mentoring high school sensation Michael Bohan to back-to-back MVP awards. With 19 total seasons of football experience, Perkin had two great interviews with the Bears, who hired him early Wednesday morning.

The ACFL Draft is set for this coming Sunday, January 20 at 1:00pm. Many are expected to attend, and while it is not yet known who will have the first pick, with no consensus number one prospect and little Combine time to work with, many of the captains are playing their cards close to their chest and not revealing who they are favouring at this time.