Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Anthony Marusco, Fran Miles, Michael Grady, Steve Abate, Tom Wood, Vicki Hittle, Amy Grady, Dan Campbell, Bob Weeks, Jon Dalton, Rebecca Farrell, Jim Buggy,Domenic Nardini, Joe Hart, John Mancinelli, Brian Matteo, Alex Jennings, Michael Calvanese, Scott Sexton, Dave Durbano, Keith McDevitt, Brian Cassidy, Andy Mai, Ralph Papa, Jason Herman, Jennifer Herman, Bernie Seasock, Paul Mullen, Colin Mullen, Tony Diorisio, Phil Morelli, Steve Downs, Amanda Doyle, Vicki Lovecchio, Tom Zebley, Ralph Carotenusto, Jason Farrell, Mike Cimabue, Mike McDermond, Chris Digan, Steve Burt, Chuck Taylor, Bret Ostroff, John Howe, Pete DePasquale.

Called to Order:

8:34 PM



Motion to approve:Rebecca


Dan Campbell

Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Capital Accoint 5553.28

Fundraising 100.53

General Fund   7,731.12

Annual Audit with Denny Anastasia.  He will do it again this year for the league.  

New Business: None

Motion to approve:Rebecca

Second: Dan Campbell






This past year our 14 year old team went undefeated.  Paul Mullen was the head coach from that team. He brought his assitants to the meeting tonight.  Last year we had 3 teams.

14, 16.18 we hope to have 4 teams and maybe even 5 teams.  There will be a player meeting in February about expectations and how teams will be formed.  Top Lumber we have partnered up with since it is a wood bat league. We will have a night to meet with Top Lumber.

Questions:  None


Majors-Michael Grady

Thanks for some of the major coaches for coming out.  Looking for coaches at the major level. If you have been down the field the fences have been lowered.  All black fences. Looks nice. Hoping to be ready to go come March.

Questions: None


Minors- Bob Weeks

So far we have 7 coaches signed up.  The minor field has been worked on them this off season.  He will send email with important dates.

Questions:  None


Rookies-Jon Dalton

Coaches make sure you have your background checks and applications in on time.

Questions: None


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

We are looking at changing tee ball looking at revamping it a little bit more.  USA Quick ball for tee ball. If you would like to look at it talk to Vicki after the meeting.  


Equipment Manager-Steve Abate

Update: Uniforms.  All uniforms will need to be ordered by the first Friday of March 8, 2019.  

If you are still coaching and need something in your bag please email Steve.


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

Beth and I are looking through some new spirit wear and hoping to present the items to the board this week.  

Vicki and I are working on

Anyone want to help open and close let her know.


Field Maintenance-Dan Campbell

  1. Buggy Field update  

  2. Weir Park update

    1. Painting, Netting, Drainage, Fencing, misc

    2. Township is adding drains and touch up some little items.  

    3. All new fencing for the major field.  Fence was lowered for viewing

  3. Vinsmith update- painted and come spring they will do the skinned infield

  4. Field Mntc Day and Rain Date- March 23 with 30th as a rain date.

    1. Alternate day for Vinsmith and Bridgewater  Looking to schedule a different day

  5. Lights at Weir Park Status- letters have gone out to the community to get lights installed at the major field.  Meeting has been set up on January 29, 2019 at 7:30 PM with the township and AVBL. Lighting technology today is so focused that it is a specific area of the field so that back lighting is almost none existant.  

Questions: None


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Current Registration :96 right now.  On pace from last year. In-person sign ups this Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 9:00-3:00 PM.  Wednesday, January 30, 2019 from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM

Evaluations Saturday March 2, 2019 at a location TBD

Draft Day Sunday, March 3, 2019

Winter Clinic Numbers are higher this year then last year.  Added younger kids this year.

Questions: What about late signups for families that just moved into the area?  They would need to be able to prove they just moved into the area.


Rules- Tom Wood

We are using out sourced umpires for the minor and majors as a trial run for the season.  

Frank Gorgone will set up a coaches clinic.

Rookies will still be our in house


Will they be prepaid?  No they will still need to come get the money.

Created a rules committee:

This year it is required by Cal Ripken need to go through a training to be a coach this year.  

SafeSports Act talks about background check and a coaches certificate.  All coaches must have both parts. Anyone that already has the certificate is done.  

Jason Farrell: It is making coaches Mandated Reporters for suspected child abuse and child assault.  This is from the feds.

He is the background coordinator for the league.  



Secretary- Amy Grady

Did ask me???


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Thank you everyone for attending.

Coaches applications and background checks.  You must do both and then all coaches will be approved by the board in the next month.  We do this every year. Just because you were a coach last year does not mean that you will coach again this year.  We would like all of our coaches to be CPR certified. Must be renewed every year. We are in the process to set up the Billy Wright Coaches clinic usually late February and early March.  Looking to set several other clinics up as well.


Regarding background checks.  Protect Youth Sports. It is a third party background check.  The email for the state is just verifiying that you requested the check.


Neumann Univeristy may make the playoffs but may not.  Michael will you reach out to Jermone for the facility from last year?  Michael said yes.

Board recommended to hold the fees stable $90.00 for the Teeners.  Any objections. None




    1. Allow all baseball 6 ages to be evaluated to play up in Rookie Division and allow all baseball 8 ages to be evaluated to play up in Minors

    2. 6 and 8 years.  6 can try out for the rookies and 8’s can try out for the minors.

    3. Questions: How is the tryout?  Are you going to make them work a little harder?  Is it the evaluation for the draft? Anthony...that will need to be worked on.  Last year 4- 8 year olds moved up. What does it do for callups? Will there be enough kids in Junior Rookies?  You are not going to have any good kids left that will be able to pull up? Could you eliminate it if you just did it by their grade?  What if you put it on their birthday? Think the evaluation needs to be more involved

    4. Vote with the general membership Yes- 45       No 1 Joe Hart Abstain-0

    1. Redraft Rookies, Minor and Majors every year

    2. Suggested for a redraft every season

    3. Questions: What constitues a redraft?  If all teams have 3 or more players and no new teams you keep your team.  If you have less than 3 players or teams are added or removed and redrafted.

    4. Vote with the general membership Yes-45         No- 1 Abstain-0

    1. Standings recorded during regular season and will determine Playoff Seeding

    2. Maintain standings.  Both team managers will send email to player agent and commisioners.  All teams will make the playoffs. Basically no more picking out of a hat

    3. Vote with the general membership Yes-  44 No 2 Abstain-0

    1. Practice fields location change for TBall, Rookie and Majors

    2. Majors move to Bridgewater and Tee Ball and Rookies move to Aston.

    3. Vote with the general membership Yes-  45 No Abstain-1

    1. Playoff teams must be within 2 players of each other in lineup for all three divisions

    2. If you don’t have within two.  Mandatory call up or an out.

    3. Vote with the general membership Yes-  45 No 1 Abstain-0

    1. No double steals in Rookies

    2. If you have a kid on first and second, Tom thinks that it is very difficult.  Board said that we do this during the regular season.

    3. Questions: What is the overthrow rule

    4. Vote with the general membership Yes- 40       No 4 Abstain-2

    1. Minor run limit per inning from 7 to 5

    2. Except the last inning that it was unlimited

    3. Vote with the general membership Yes-  44 No 1 Abstain-1

    1. Wording change for league playoffs

    2. Extension in the local rules For in house playoffs all in house rules will be followed with the exception of:  

    3. Questions: None

    4. Vote with the general membership Yes- 41        No 1 Abstain-4

    1. Tball to use tee, then coach pitch then pitching machine

    2. Question: What do you see as the time line?  Couple practices with the tee, coach pitch and then the pitching machine.  Duplicate question what is the timeline?

    3. Vote with the general membership Yes-  39 No 2 Abstain-5

    1. Allow baseball 7’s to tryout for 8U District Team

    2. Propose that 7 year olds can try out for the 8 year old tournament team at time.  He envisioned it just for this one year.

    3. Questions: John would that 7 year old take the spot of an 8 year old?  Potentially How are you going to do the tryouts? We did them last year.  

    4. Vote with the general membership Yes-20        No-12 Abstain-14

    5. 43% said yes.  Not passed.

    1. Delete all rules associated with Teeners

    2. Revise all rules since teener league has been losing kids due to lack of competition.  Rules need to be adjusted. Since they will be playing in the Delco League.

    3. Vote with the general membership Yes-  44 No Abstain-2

  1. Any player may be intentionally walked only once a game.  During the playoffs.

    1. Background of this was last year’s playoffs where players out of 21 plate appearances where a player was walked 18 times.

    2. Vote with the general membership Yes- 40       No- 1 Abstain-5

We as a league do not dictate the ages of the kids.  May 1st is the cutoff for Cal Ripken.

Anyone: Raffle tickets?  They are in the mail.





Motion By:


10:10 PM

Fran Miles

Dan Campbell







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