• February 2019

Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Michael Grady, Steve Abate, Anthony Marusco, Jim Buggy, Amy Grady, Jon Dalton, Tom Wood, Joe Hart, Jason Farrell, Frank Miles, Fran Miles, Raplh Papa, RJ Diamond, Vicki Hittle, Bob Weeks, Rebecca Farrell, Keith McDevitt, Domenic Nardini, Lisa Jennings, Ivan Plachuta, Scott Sexton, Michael Cimabue, Brian Morris, Tom Zebley, John Mancinelli, Dave Durbano,  Tony Diorisio, Bernie Seasock, Mark Natale, Tim Teefy, Mike Calvanese, Ryan Hall, Spiro Hartas, Amanda Doyle, Mike McDermond, Brian Allison, Chris Matsanka, Chris Darpino, Jeremy O’Boyle, Chuck Taylor, Steve Burt, Bret Ostroff, Late: Denny Anastasia, Jeremy Russo, John Dill, Henry Hittle

Called to Order:




Motion to approve:Jon Dalton

Second: Bob Weeks

Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Capital Account 5623.75

Fundraiser: 100.53

General Fund: 27,313.05

Any update on the Audit.  Denny Anastasia stated let him know and he and Fran will get together.

New Business: None

Motion to approve:Amy Grady

Second: Dan Campbell






                    Delco League participation 13-18.  There are three divisions 14U, 16U and 18U divisions.  They are adding a fourth division for 26U. Looking to see if there is interest.  

                        Player Meeting Scheduled There is an informational meeting which will be MArch 11, 2019 here at the American Legion. So that the information can get out to them.

Top Lumber Bat Demo  This will be scheduled.  



Majors-Michael Grady

    1. Coach Application status

    2. We have 59 players.  

    3. Thank all of the prospective coaches for being here at the meeting.

    4. Projecting 6 teams.  

    5. Tryouts are Friday, March 1, 2019 from 7:30-9:30 at the Chaos Facility on


Minors- Bob Weeks

    1. Coach Application status

    2. Minimum of 11 players on each team.  Right now there are 6 teams, but there may be 7.  There are 3 students that are baseball 8 that would like to play up.  

    3. Practice Schedules


Rookies-Jon Dalton

    1. Coach Application status

    2. Thanks for coming out coaches, prospective coaches.  Would like to meet for 5 minutes after the general meeting.  

    3. Probably 7 teams.  


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

    1. Coach Application status

    2. Overview of potential structure

    3. 4’s will be together with the 5’s that are new to baseball.  Returning 5’s and 6’s will be playing.

  1. Could be 7-10 teams.

  2. All coaches that have put in to be a coach have been approved as of February 11, 2019.


Equipment Manager-Steve Abate

    1. Uniform update

    2. Status of equipment bags from last year coaches

    3. Got all bags back that he needed.  Anyone who kept their bag, please check that you don’t need anything.

He would like to order the uniforms by March 8, 2019.


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

    1. Jack and Jill Bingo event change-Season Kick off Happy Hour on March 29, 2019 at Barnaby’s $30.00 a person and 2 for 50.00.  

    2. Picture Day will be April 13, 2019 with Bishop Photography.  


Facilities-Dan Campbell

    1. Buggy Field update Great conversation with the new Sun Valley Coach.  Sees lots of collaboration with the Sun Valley and Aston Valley groups.  Grass needs to grow in and it needs to be safe.

    2. Weir Park update

      1. Painting, Sal Ochilini, Netting, Drainage, Fencing, Piping

    3. Vinsmith update waiting on the township. As to when they are going to skin the infield.  

    4. Lights at Weir Park Status - Anthony  Last Monday they met with three residents that showed up.  Went through everything. A vote will go out by the end of this month.  There are 35 residents that received a letter. 50% must be returned and we need 60% to pass.  A neighbor that is going to vote no stated that the kids are peeing on his fences.

    5. Redoing the press box with Rob Smith and  the local carpenter’s union.

    6. Wants to thank Tom Wood and Steve Abate for putting the yellow piping for the major field.

    7. Gang box is being replaced at Tee Ball by a shed from Stoltzfus for 350.00

    8. Signed a  weed contract for all the fields for spring, summer and fall.  

Question: Have we looked into doors in the womans room?  

Facitilities committee to plan for the future.  Looking for additional help cutting grass, line fields, etc.  


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

    1. Update on Current Registration Numbers

    2. 274 Total

    3. 25 in process.

Ahead of where we were last year.

Teebal 74

Rookies 54

Minors 62

Majors 58

Teeners 25

Mostly teeballers in the process loop.  

Sign ups are ending on February 28, 2019 for Rookies, Minors, and Majors

    1. Additional in person sign ups:

    2. Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at the Community Center 6:00-8:00.

    3. Saturday, February 23, 2019 at the Aston Municipal Building from 9:00-12:00.

    4. Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at the Community Center 6:00-8:00.

    5. Evaluation Dates

Majors Friday March 1, 2019 7:30- 9:30



    1. Update on Winter Clinic  Generally big sucess. 52 kids signed up.  5-7, 8-10, and 11-12 groups.

                            Coaches Clinic in April.



Rules- Tom Wood

    1. Umpire Service for Minors and Majors- Check going into the mail tonight for Tri-County.  He has 10 umpires on call.

    2. Looking to do a clinic with the umpires.  Summarize the rules in the sheds for the kids.  

    3. Update on Rules Committee formed planning another meeting.  

    4. New Rule Change submitted for vote

      1. 50% league participation to be eligible for District Rosters The board did approve it at board meeting.  Vote No- 0 Abstain- Mike Cimabue The rule was approved under the condition of a medical, religious reason or school ball  being accepted.



Secretary- Amy Grady


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

    1. Initiating 2 committees

    2. Tee Ball Committee- reach out to Vicki Hittle and Anthony

    3. Facilities committee- Reach out to Dan Campbell.

    4. Modell’s has reached out to AVBL to do a Team Week.  It will be the month of March. We will receive the coupons.  Just mention it to the cashier that you are from Aston Valley.  Helps both parents and the league.

    5. All Coaches and prospective coaches should have gotten an email.  Please make sure you have the background check, coaches app are complete.  

    6. If you have not applied please do so ASAP.  Head Coaches: Commissioners will be having a meeting after the general membership meetings.  

  1. Questions:

How are you going to enforce if the coaches don’t come to meetings?  Anthony said it is still under review as to how we will deal with it.  


  1. Last Call for Registrations – Jim Buggy

  2. Coach Applications and Background Checks Due – Anthony Marusco

  3. Coach Clinics Scheduled – Anthony Marusco  There will be two clinics. Rookies, Majors and Minors on Sunday March 10 at the Aston Community Center from 6:00-9:00.  Rookies and Tee Ball March 24, 2019 at the Aston Community Center from 6:00-8:00 PM.

  4. CPR Clinic update – Dave Durbano  March 21st and 27th here at the American Legion.  




Additional in person sign ups:

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at the Community Center 6:00-8:00.

Saturday, February 23, 2019 at the Aston Municipal Building from 9:00-12:00.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at the Community Center 6:00-8:00.





Motion By:


9:29 PM

Rebecca Farrell

Dan Campbell







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