Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Michael Grady, Dan Campbell, Amy Grady, Fran Miles, Jon Dalton, Rebecca Farrell, Bob Weeks, Michael Cimabue, Brian Morris, John Mancinelli, Denny Anastasia,Lisa Jennings, Alex Jennings, Jason Farrell, Ralph Papa, Tony Diorisio,Tom Zebley, Tina Nickerson, Chris Matsanka, Greg Clark, Chuck Taylor, Steve Burt, Amanda Doyle, Scott Sexton, Ed Pearson, Jim Buggy

Called to Order:

8:33 PM



Motion to approve:Rebecca

Second: Bob

Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Capital Account 5623.75

Fundraiser Account 100.53

General Account 36,493.55

New Business: None

Motion to approve:Jon Dalton

Second: Dan Campbell






Top Lumber Bat Demo

  1. Date will be pushed out ASAP.


Majors-Michael Grady

  1. Would like to thank Dan Campbell, for his excellent work getting the fields ready after we

Mr. Farrell and Chris Digan thanks for helping out.

2. Umpires seem to be running smoothly.

3. Kicked off games at Brookhaven and seems to be going well.


Minors- Bob Weeks

We kicked off the season.

There have been no cancelled games as of late.

Tri-State seems to be okay.  

Bob- Umpires do not seem to be speeding the games up like we thought they would.  During ground rules the managers can remind the umpires to keep moving the games along.  

Questions- Are we declaring the last inning before dark?  The umpire seemed to cut off the games if it is getting dark.  

We need the consistency with the rules.  

The fields have been great thanks to Dan Campbell.

Bob will assign the call ups for the majors.


Rookies-Jon Dalton

We had a good week.

Trying to keep games moving with the umpires,

Umpires need to be louder.  

Want to thank everybody for keeping the pitchers in on the site.

Dan and Jason thanks for getting the field ready.  


Tee Ball- Vicki Hittle

Not Present


Equipment Manager-Steve Abate

Not present- Report sent to Michael Grady

All uniforms are out.  If there are any problems or concerns with the uniforms.

If anybody only got three let them know.  Bob Weeks- Angel, pirates


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

Thanks to Lisa Jennings who was able to get the sign donated by Kit Spayd.  Super Cool!!

I need anyone needs retakes for pictures so that we can get them scheduled.  

May 18 is Slugfest.  

Coach Scoop at Rita's.  


Field Maintenance-Dan Campbell

There are alot of people to thank!!

Joe Hart is our connection to the township!   We really appreciate him.

John Mancinelli has donated tons to our league and we are very appreciative.

Dave Durbano has done a ton to the tee ball field.

Jason Farrell my partner in crime.  

Pretzel Boy has been helping quite a bit as well.  Buy your pretzels at Pretzel Boys.

We are going to purchase an additional hand dragger for each field.

Press Box: Local Carpenter Union is going to be fixing it.  

This Sunday is Easter so there is not 9:00 clean up at the field this Sunday.  News to come.

Tee  Ball Shed has no shelves.  

Sheds need to be straighten up every day.  If it is raining Friday night, I would hope every head coach would be at the field early on Saturday Morning!  If you as the Manager can not come ask your assistants to go!! If it is a week night we will need you there at least an hour early to get fields ready.  It should not be up to a few people. It is a necessity. WE need all hands on deck. We should have a representative from each team at each division.


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Registrations are up 8%,  All registrations are closed.  Commissioners stressed this. Pitch count and scores should be

Arms are hurting.  Please be conscious of the kids arms.  Please do not have them throwing 70+ pitches at this point or really at all.  Understand that it doesn’t matter if they win at this level we want the kids to love baseball and continue after they leave us.  Please don’t have your kids pitch and catch in the same game if possible.


Rules- Tom Wood

Umps seem to be covered.  Headfirst slides are illegal.  



Secretary- Amy Grady

Parking is still an issue at the field.  There is illegal cars parking at handicapped spots, making their own spots.   Cars will be reported to the police if parked illegally.


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Not present no report was sent.  

We talked about summer ball.  But nothing is definite.


Still needs sponsors for teeners.  Amanda needs 3 sponsors for teams. She got a new sign.  

Luke Matthews Mom has volunteered her cleaning business to clean the bathrooms on Monday and Fridays.  








Motion By:


9:04 PM

Bob Weeks

Fran Miles







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