• GMM February 17,2020

Aston Valley Baseball 

General Membership Meeting






Fran Miles, Dan Campbell, Tom Wood, Steve Abate, Steve Burt, Amy Grady, Anthony Marusco, John Mancinelli, Dave Durbano, Bernie Seasock, Jon Dalton, Jim Buggy, Joe Hart, Denny Anastasia,  Lisa Jennings, Alex Jennings, Vicki Hittle, Mike McDermond, Jeremy Micun, Tom Zebley, Brian Cassidy, Chris Darpino, Brian Morris, Joe Pharaoh, Mark Fifer, Zach Imbrugia, Brian Cassidy, Steve Downs, Mark Natale, Tony Dioriosio, Ryan Smith, Michael Cimabue, Tom Baggio, Chris Matsanka, Bob Weeks, Brian Matteo, Greg Clark, Chris Langille

Called to Order:




Motion to approve:Bernie Seasock

Second:Tom Wood

Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

Tommy Marren  2101.25

Capital  431.35

Regular account 27,502.03


New Business: We do an audit every year.  Denny Anastasia will get with Fran soon.  

Motion to approve: Bernie Seasock

Second: Steve Burt





Teeners-Bernie Seasock

Lots of exciting things going on with the Teeners.  Tuesday, February 25, 2020 will be a meeting at the Aston Community Center.  The announcement will go out on social media and also by email. The Delco Wood bat league will be for the younger teeners. Mid-County baseball will be for the older teeners.  Both start at the end of April.  Looking for kids 13-19 send them our way.  


Majors-Jon Dalton

We are going to play at Weir Park.  We are at least 6 teams. Background checks need to filled out.  It is on the website under Coaches Documents. Reached out to everyone last night for coaches applications. 


Minors- Dave Durbano

Looking at 6 teams we would love to push it to 7 and maybe 8.  Sent messge to potential coaches.  


Rookies-Steve Burt

Need assistant coaches. Make sure you fill out the coaches applications and background.   Walking on the rookie field with Mr. Campbell to see what kinds of improvements we can make.   


Teeball- John Mancinelli

JR. Rookies or Teeball could hang out after the meeting.  We would like to stick to 6-7 for teeball.  


Equipment Manager-Steve Abate

Baseballs have been ordered 130 dozen balls.  Looking for new catching equipment for Rookies, Minor and Majors.  Getting left handed catching mitts. Looking at going for a AVBL hat that would match your uniform with a fitted hat.  Looking at different options for the jerseys. New pitching machine came in. We will try it out before we purchase more machines.  Easier, lighter weight pitching machine great for batting practice and flyballs.  


Parents Auxiliary- Rebecca Farrell

Happy hour - we need help with raffle baskets

We’ll be looking for consistent helpers (for hire and to open and close) at both weir and buggy, if anyone is interested please contact me ASAP.


Facilities-Dan Campbell

Field Maintence Committee

He has 12 people that are interested in helping out with this committee.  

The press box was redone at Weir Park at the Major Division.  Buggy field was updated.

March 21 is Field Maintenance Day.  Raindate is March 28.  

Lights update: Per Anthony

We have two grants we are looking into Green Ways Trail Grant and a few others we may need assistance from the township.  Bob talked to Jennifer who works with Leann Kruger said that Leann is pushing for this for us.  

If you know anyone that has connections to get us poles.  

PECO is offering to handle poles and installing for free. 

John and Bob are going to Tom Killion for lunch in the next few weeks.  

Joe Hart stated when the township redid the bridge the blacktop was supposed to be updated.  

Anyone working on other projects. 



Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Update on Current Registration Numbers:

56 - T Ball

30 - Jr Rookies 

57 - Rookies

56 - Minors 

53 - Majors

22- Teeners

274 - Overall

Not registered  

Eligible Teeners -51




Tee Ball-Junior Rookies 30

In the process there are 23 left.  If it is a money issue let us know so we can work with you. 

Evaluation Dates:

Feb 28-29

Draft Date:

March 1

Update on Winter Clinic:

MSI said it's going well.  So far so good!! 


Rules- Tom Wood

Looking to have a meeting next Wednesday, February 26 at 7:00 PM with Tom Gorgone with the coaches.  More interactive meeting hopefully.  

Rookie umpires have been paid 15.00 for the game, but we will up the pay for 20.00.  They will need to go through some training.  



Secretary- Amy Grady

No report. 


President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

Coach applications need to be filled in to be a coach, manager, and volunteer applications.  We are not allowing anyone on the field unless you have been approved to be a coach, head coach, assistant coach or helper.  You must also have a completed and passed background check.  

We want all of our Coaches to be certified for CPR.   We will be having a CPR Clinic.  If you were certified last year you are good for this year.  If it has been two years we need to renew the certification process. If you have your certification from elsewhere we need proof of the current certification, please submit a copy to your commissioner.   

We will have coaches clinics in late February and Early March.  

Opening date is April 4, 2020.


Old Business:

Vicki Hittle: Is proposing that we put out to the evaluations turn in pants, cleats, approved bats?  She would run the table. We could donate if we have a surplus. She will man the table.  

We are working on facebook so we can try a swap site for facebook.  

Equipment/spiritwear We have ordered coaches shirts as a fundraiser.  Would you be interested in buying a shirt for $20.00?  

Brian Cassidy-Would you be interested in new designs for spiritwear?  

Amanda has sent out sponsorship paperwork.  She sees lots of new faces if anyone wants to donate please contact Amanda Doyle. 

If you work for a big Company see if they will give money back to the league.  





Evaluations for AVBL 2020

@ 3045 McCann Farm Drive, Suite 103, Garnet Valley

All Players in Rookies, Minors and Majors must attend.




Friday February 28

7:30pm - 8:30pm 12 year olds Majors - Bdates May 1, 2007-April 30, 2008

Any 10Uplayer that is interested in playing Majors 8:30pm

8:45pm -9:45pm 11 year olds Majors - Bdates May 1, 2008-April 30, 2009



Saturday February 29

8:30am -9:45am 10 year olds Minors - Bdates May 1, 2009- April 30, 2010

Any 8U player that is interested in playing in Minors 9:45 am

10:00am -11:45am 9 year olds Minors - Bdates May 1, 2010-April 30, 2011

12:30pm - 1:45pm 8 year olds Rookies - Bdates May 1, 2011-April 30, 2012

3:30pm - 4:45pm 7 year olds Rookies - Bdates May 1, 2012-April 30, 2013

Saturday February 28 (6U who requested to tryout for Rookies)

2:00pm - 3:15pm 6 year olds Rookies - Bdates May 1, 2013-April 30, 2014


Players should bring their glove, bat, batting helmet and should be wearing a baseball cup.  There will be Aston Valley signs at the entrance of the complex on Garnet Mine Road. On Line Registrations are still open so if you need to register do so as soon as possible   Registration closes Thursday 2/27.



Golf Tournament will be back this year.  

Concord Country Club.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020 at 1:00 PM.  

Please no games should be scheduled for that night.


Amanda Doyle asked for anyone that was interested in sponsoring the teams, signs, etc please contact her ASAP.  






Motion By:


      9:11 PM

Fran Miles

Steve Burt







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