All star break July 10-24 and First half Season notes.

July 24, 2013 – 01:40 AM

All star break is over there was no all star game or a home run derby just week of of baseball. There are 16 games left in season no 40 games season this year Black still in first in points Colored in 2nd follow by Big Blue Grey 2 has wild card over Yellow 2 and 3 Grey 2 bean big suprise this season can Grey 2 keep playoffs allive?? Yellow 2 not to far behind i wont be surprise if Yellow 2 start winning here just last season yellow 2 won 3-4 straght games. What going to happen in rest of season can Grey 2 make playoffs a Grey bat has not made playoofs in 5 plus years can Yellow 2 streak of maken playoffs end find out in next 16 games..