Round 1 postseason Winner Bracket scores

October 18, 2013 – 01:44 PM

Yellow 2 vs Yellow 3 Seeded number 1 Yellow 3 wins over Seeded number 6 Yellow 2 by score of 3-2 in 8ins


Highlights: Took 8 ins to decided this game Yellow 3 pull of upset over Yellow 2 Yellow 3 had 2 home runs Yellow 2 had 1.


Big Blue vs Orange  Seeded number 5 Orange wins over seeded 2 Big Blue by score of 3-2


Highlights: It was 1-0 untill after 4th inn when Big BLue tie game up with homer run then orange took lead 3-1 Orange was only able to get 1 point in last of 5th inn.



Black vs Colored Seeded number 4 Colored wins over Seeded 3 BLack by score of 9-4.


Highlights: Black had chance in this game Colored started of game with 3 home runs Colored had total of 8 home runs Black only had 3 home runs.