Yellow 3 wins first game of season..Colored second clinch spot in playoffs!! 9/17/2014

September 17, 2014 – 05:47 PM

Yellow 3 bean falling out of wild card race in last 5 games yellow 3 had to find way get back in wild card race. Yellow 3 won game 26 yellow 3 first win of season fineally said Yellow 3 needed win badly said yellow 3 Yellow 2 bean doing very well last threw games way things are going yellow 2 going to run away with wild card but im going to try to stop that said Yellow 3 but my hiting bean little poor lately so i need get my hiting on back on track said yellow 3.         Colored second to clinch spot in playoffs Colored need to place 4th or better in game 26 Colored place 3th in game 26 Colored still in first place hunt Colored only 15 points behind black for  first still still catch black for  first.