Black wins the championship!! Black has won 3 championships.

October 11, 2014 – 05:20 PM



It look like Yellow 3 was going to run away with the title but Black came back being down 3 runs when i got thous 2 runs in Bott of 3 i new had chance take the lead and win the game said black Black or Yellow 3 didnt score in 4th Yellow 3 didnt score any in Top of 5th black didnt get a run first 3 chances black was down to last chance get a run black hits hard ground ball hits the cyrcle of flowers for run i think that was just luck said black had be lucky like that i was trying hit a home run but turn into ground ball and hit brick of cyrcle of flowers yellow 3 play great said black look like game was going to be blow out but turn out to be great game said black. Last time black won championships was back in 2011 black won over orange.