Number 1 Black vs Number 2 Colored in World Series. 11/8/2014

November 11, 2014 – 02:57 AM

New world Series champion will be crowned this year Yellow 3 who was defending world series champion lost in Round 1 of the loser Bracket agants Big Blue by score of 3-2. Big Blue went on beat Yellow 2 by score of 3-2 and went on to beat Orange by score of 2-1 then lost to Colored by score of 4-3.  Black won over Yellow 3 by score of 4-1 in Round 1 then had a by cause Black won Season-playoff game in the 3th round of winner Bracket Black won over Colored by score of 6-5. Colored  beat Big Blue by score of 5-4 Colored went on beat Orange by score of 4-3 then in 3th Round Colored lost to Black in 3th round of Winner Bracket by score of 6-5. In the 4th round of Loser Bracket Colored won over Big BLue by score of 4-3.  

NOW Colored will take Black onece again but this time for the WORLD SERIES!!