Big Blue wins 2nd game of season easily 7/9/2015

July 9, 2015 – 07:00 PM

Big Blue took no time to be ahead in the final round of game 11 Big blue hit first in the final round and hit a rocket in left field it was pretty far Black hit hard ground ball but fell short of Big Blue Colored hit a fly ball but got rob by a tree it was up to Grey 1 to try hit pass Big Blue but Grey 1 fell short. It was easy win for Big Blue i wasnt to worred said Big Blue were i landed it was going to be hard to get pass. Grey 1 did take 3th Black ended with 2nd Colored took 4th. Big Blue now only 9 points behind of Colored for 1st Yellow 2 in 5th wild card spot by 3 points over Yellow 3.