Yellow 2 gets surprising win 9/17/2015

September 17, 2015 – 12:00 PM

It look like Orange or Black was going to win or even Yellow 3  but orange and Black didn't have good hit same for Yellow 3. Yellow 2 came up to hit yellow 2 was last to hit orange and Black and Yellow 3 was not far away only thing I was thinking was hit  hard ground ball up the middle or hit a home run said Yellow 2 so came up seen a pitch bang a home run that how I like to do it said Yellow 2 hit a home run make crowed go crazy.  What was the surprise was that I won cause Orange and Black was in the final round one of them should of won but I won said Yellow 2 or even Yellow 3 had chance this was also big win for me because yellow 3 was ahead of me by not much but not now were tied.