Big Blue wins the Final game of the season. Yellow 3 Clinch 5th spot. 10/1/2015

October 1, 2015 – 12:09 PM

It didn't matter if Big Blue didn't win last game of the season but Big Blue won anyway I didn't want to place last place or even 5th actually I was trying to get in the final round said Big Blue. I wasn't really playing for anything sense I already I won First said Big Blue. Big Blue won Game 30 in the Final round Orange was the leader at one point until Big Blue crush one pass Orange to win I thought maybe it was going to go over the fence it was close said Big Blue. Big Blue pick up win number 9 on the season.          Yellow 3 win the wild card over Yellow 2 by 2 points yellow 3 and yellow 2 were tied last year after 30 games so yellow 3 and yellow 2 went to tie breaker game to decided wild card yellow 3 won over yellow 2 in the tie breaker. In game 30 Yellow 2 needed to least win game 30 to force a nuttier tie breaker but sense Big Blue won that did not happen it was great race for 5th and final spot said Yellow 3 but I came up with big hits when needed that's all it take said Yellow 3.