Colored vs Yellow 2 in the World Sereis! 11-2-2015

November 5, 2015 – 12:00 PM

Yellow 2 be looking for 8th Career World Series title Colored be looking for number 1.  Its going to be a challenge said Yellow 2 Colored bean playing very well last month and half Colored bean scouring lot of points and hitting the long ball a lot to. I beat Colored on long ball but I got lucky Colored was having a bad game said Yellow 2 Colored only had 2 points that was on home runs. I haven't won a world series sense 2013 im about due to win nuttier one said Yellow 2. Colored be looking to win first career world series well I won my first ever championship this year now maby I can win the world series it be nice because I never really won anything until this season said Colored. But Yellow 2 going to  be tough to beat Yellow 2 always does good in the postseason I seen what Yellow 2 has done this postseason Yellow 2 bean hiting ball really well this postseason said Colored. Its should be great world series.