Yellow 2 wins the 2015 AWBBL World Series! 11/8/2015

November 8, 2015 – 06:24 PM

It took 2 games for Yellow 2 to win 8th career world series. Game 1 Colored won over Yellow 2 by score of 5-3 my hitting was little of in Game 1 i only had 2 points going in 5th in said Yellow 2 Colored did pretty well in Game 1 but i new that if  i lost Game 1 still had one more game to the world series. Game 2 Yellow 2 and Colored were neck and neck for about 3 inns then in the 4th inn Yellow 2 scores 3 points to make it 4-2 but Colored comes back in next 2 inns to make it 4-4. Game 2 took 6 inns to decide the winner Yellow 2 hits grown ball hits the brick to make it 5-4 when i got up there to hit i was like im going to try and hit a ground ball and hit the brick it hit it got me a point then i won Colored couldnt answer with a point in the bot of the 6 game was over final score of game 2 was 5-4. I won 8 world Series last time i won was back in 2013 then Yellow 3 won it next year i like win 10 all togeather before i retire said Yellow 2 could i win 10 maby 9 i dont know i like to win a championship and a first place. But good thing wining the world series i might be able to get in the hall of fame next year will have to se!