Grey 2 wins a wet one 6/10/2016

June 10, 2016 – 04:00 PM

Grey 2 pick up win number 3 and Grey 2 has now won 3 games in a row it was wet game didnt start raining untill about round 3 it wasnt raining hard rain starting picking up in final round. With it being wet outside and raining of and on you dont know what could go on said Grey 2 anyone could of won Game 5. Again i was shock that i won Game 5 Colored had a good hit Big Blue did to but i was con of short of Colored and course when it was my turn to hit the downpour came so i was just swing and maby get lucky that the ball go far and it did said Grey 2. Hopefully i can win couple of more games wining 3 games most i ever won said Grey 2.