Yellow 1 comes up with a big win. 8/17/2016

August 17, 2016 – 08:20 PM

Yellow 1 hasnt won sense first game of the season yellow 1 said after that game that be the last game i win on the season. But in game 22 yellow 1 was surprise and everyone else was to Yellow 1 wins Game 22 wining that game was huge becouse i was falling behind wild card spot with this win im just tad closer to Black for wild card spot i havent bean in the playoffs in years said Yellow 1 i cant remmber when the last time i made the playoffs said Yellow 1. I like to make the playoffs before i cal it quits said yellow 1. Yellow 1 won first place back in 2001 and in 2004 yellow 1 also won the Championship in 2001 2003 and 2004.