Big Blue wins back-to-back games. 8/26/2016

August 27, 2016 – 11:37 PM

Big Blue pick up win number 4 on the Season Big Blue also wins back to back games Big Blue already clinch a spot in the playoffs i dont care if i win or take last i clinch a spot in the playoffs best place i can get is 3th i could get 2nd if Orange falls face to the ground but i think orange get 2nd for sure said Big Blue. I won first place last season but i had feeling that i wont first place way Colored bean hiting and orange to i know it was going to be a tough task to win first again you cant win first ever year said Big Blue sometimes i think winning first is bad luck cause it seems like who ever wins first losses in the 2nd in the playoffs like me i lost to Colored last year in round 2 maby this year il win a playoff game and make it to the championship game i atleast hope so said Big Blue.