Colored wins First place! 8/30/2016

August 30, 2016 – 04:19 PM

For the first time ever Colored wins first place. Colored rack up first place with a 4th place finish in game 27 Colored just needed 4th place finish or better to clinch first. Finally i can say i bean close last couple of years of winning first but ended up short of winning first said Colored next goal is try to get over 200 points Big Blue had 209 points i like to get around that said Colored. Nutter good thing is i have a bye in the first round of the playoffs so i wont be playing until the 2nd round of the playoffs last couple of years who ever ever won in the playoffs always lost in the 2nd round and never made it to the championship this season i like to change that i like to whole thing said Colored. Colored won the championship last year Colored beat Orange last year in the championship least this year i dont have to win 3 games just 2 said Colored i just like to get to the championship game and defend my title i like to win back to back championships said Colored. But im happy that i won first place in points its something that i never won before.