Colored pick up win 7. Wild card is very close. 9/3/2016

September 3, 2016 – 01:25 AM

Colored is now over 200 points on the Season Colored won Game 29 and Colored has now won 7 games on the Season  and Colored has won first place by long shot i dont really care what place i get last couple of games now im working hitting the ball good for the playoffs if i win game thats cool doesnt really bug me what place i get said Colored. Wild card is as close as it ever bean in years Yellow 1 Yellow 3 Grey 2 Black are all battleing for 4th and 5th spot for the playoffs the wild card bean close race last threw years but its only bean 2 bat race for the wild card this year its a 4 bat race for the wild card race. Yellow 3 has won the wild card last 3-4 years but this year it might be little different for yellow 3 going into the final game of the season yellow 3 sits in 5th place with a 5 point lead over Grey 2 for 5th Yellow 3 was in 4th for pretty much all of the Season but Yellow 3 hit a ruth stretch last dozen games bad time to have ruth stretch said yellow 3 but seems like i always come threw in the last game of the season said yellow 3 if i can just place 4th or better i think il be alright said yellow 3 but also depending what others do to said yellow 3.