Orange wins the final game of the Season. Yellow 3 claims the Wild card. 9/6/2016

September 6, 2016 – 03:42 PM

Finally the Season has reach final game of the Season Game 30 and Orange wins the final game of the Season it didnt really matter what i did in the final game of the Season i already clinch 2nd seed in the playoffs said Orange gave me nutter win in the win column said Orange with a laugh with 6 wins on the Season i say i had great Season win better what i has last Season i had 5 wins last Season said Orange. Hope i do good in the playoffs again like last year i won in the first round got into the championship but lost to Colored it was a nail biter said Orange.   Yellow 3 and Yellow 1 ended up tieing for 4th and 5th so after Game 30 yellow 1 and yellow 3 went to a one game playoff to decided 4th place winner and wild card winner it was good game yellow 3 and yellow 1 ere tie at 4-4 in the Bot of the 5th and yellow 1 broke that tie with a point and won 5-4 to clinch the 4th seed yellow 3 ended up in 5th. I still cant belleve what happen in the last 9 games it all started in Game 21-22 were my hiting got going i started hiting the long ball knowing what to do each time im about to it it all started winning first game of the Season but things went down hill after that said Yellow 1 i went from 1st to worst in about 4 games then i stay in last baselley all season untill about Game 21 and Game 22. It about time im back in the playoffs said Yellow 1 hopefully i dont lose right o away i didnt all that work for nothing said Yellow 1 with a laugh.