Recap of the 2016 AWBBEL Season 9/6/2016

September 6, 2016 – 04:00 PM

Season has finally ended that means its playoff time! What Season it has bean lets take look back on what happen this Season.  


What a Season it has bean we seen almost everyone win a least one Season game Grey 1 did not win a Season game Grey 1 won one season game last Season. Yellow 1 won opening day no one was not specking yellow 1 to win first game of the Season yellow 1 did not win nutter game until Game 22 Colored won Game 2 and Grey 2 won next 3 games and that was big shocker on what Grey 2 did Grey 2 finish 6th 3 points behind yellow 3 for the wild card spot 5th. For the first time in years Yellow 1 is back in the playoffs last time Yellow 1 was in the playoffs was back in the early 2000s that when Yellow 1 won the championship Yellow 1 said its great to be back in the playoffs i bean looking forward to this in years hopefully to win nutter championship. Colored wins first place with the highest points threw out the Season Colored has never won first place ever last Season Colored took 4th Season before that Colored took 2nd behind Black my next thing is to win the championship again said Colored Colored won the championship last Season over Orange. None of the Greys are in the playoffs again this year Grey 2 was so close Grey 1 place 9th in the Season both Greys are looking forward to Season-Playoff game to try to clinch a spot in the postseason. For the first time ever Black is not in the playoffs Black join the league back in the early 2000s and Black has made the playoffs every year untill now Black playoff run came to the end at around 12 years straight. Things have bean little ruth for me last season or two said Black hiting bean of the mark lately looking to rebound in the Season-Playoff game and next Season said Black.     Hope everyone joys the Playoffs and the Postseason!