Colored wins the Championship! Colored 2nd straight championship 9/19/2016

September 19, 2016 – 10:13 PM


Colored has done it again Colored has won the championship for the 2nd straight year last year Colored won over Orange as the 4 seed this year Colored was number one seed. Feel great to be a champion again said Colored also feel great to win the championship as the number 1 seed i seen lot of number 1 seed lately lose in the first round and i wasnt going to lose as the number one seed said Colored. Orange rain out in front with a early lead then Colored came stormy back in late inns way game was going i didnt think i was going to get any points said Colored could not get the home run ball going could get anything going i was close couple of times of getting a point but nothing said Colored and fineally Colored came threw with a point i know soon o later something was going to give said Colored it was just matter of time said Colored Orange went on a cold streak last couple of inns then i starting hiting up said Colored. Then in the last of 5 inn i hit a walk of home run to win the game that best is hitting a home run to win the game said Colored it was great championship game Orange play well said Colored.