Yellow 3 wins 2nd game in a row. 6/23/2017

June 23, 2017 – 07:03 PM

Yellow 3 could be next one to start a hot streak Yellow 3 won 2nd game in a row Yellow 3 won game 11. With win Yellow 3 move up to 4th place of ahead of Grey 2 like i said before i took 5th last season this season i like be like in 3th or even 2nd now sense i won 2 games in a row just maby i can make a run for first said yellow 3. Big Blue drop to 2nd while Colored move back into 1st i think its going to be close race for first this season but instead of 2 going after for first might see 3 or even 4 bats make a run at first said Yellow 3,