Orange pick up win number 2.

June 30, 2017 – 06:45 PM

Bean while sense Orange won Orange won game 3 back in may that seem like long time ago. In game 12 Orange broke that long winless streak with a win. I bean playing really well my worst place that i finished bean 7th place overall i placeing well one of reasons why im not far of first. In game 12 it was little hard becouse Big Blue was in the final round then yellow 2 and yellow 1 both yellows didnt have a good hit so it was ether going to me or Big Blue winning well i end getting by Big Blue for win. It was good win me said Orange cause now im only 6 points behind Big Blue for first 4 points behind Colored tell you what us three are going to be bouching back and forth for first shoud be interesting race for first in 2nd half of the season said Orange.