Colored back on winning ways. 7/14/2017

July 14, 2017 – 07:03 PM

Bean while sense Colored has won a game last time that Colored won was back in Game 2. By now Colored usalley has 5 or 6 wins but this season wins have bean all around. This is big win for me going into 2nd half of the Season said Colored becouse i only had about 3 point lead for first now up to 4 points over Big Blue Last season i won first by whole lot this season going to be close race for first said Colored. I feel like this season i bean all over place said Colored im hoping my hiting picks up here in the 2nd half said Colored. Mean by all over place is hiting bean all over place bean working on hiting ball stright not ever direction said Colored. Colored won game on a walk off home run to win Game 15.