Grey 2 wins 2nd game of the season 7/20/2017

July 20, 2017 – 06:49 PM

Seems like forever sense Grey 2 has won last time Grey 2 has won was back in late May.But sense Grey 2 has falling out playoff pic Grey 2 needs wins to get back in the playoff pic.Grey 2 has bad Game 16 taken 8th only getting 2 points while Black won that game so Grey 2 needed to rebound to catch up to Black sure that what happen Grey 2 won Game 17 pick up 9 points and caght up to Black little. I dont want to far to far behind Black for 5th i want to stay as close i can to Black said Grey 2 last season i was 3 points of Yellow 3 for 5th came down to final game that what i want is come down to final game of the season said Grey 2.Unless i start winning couple more games and it me getting 5th and Black falling to 5th. Cant keep yellow 2 out of 5th yellow 2 bean playing well last couple of games i want be surprise if Yellow 2 gets in mix of things to said Grey 2.