Orange wins 3th game of Season and moves into 2nd place.

August 3, 2017 – 04:12 PM

Orange had to come up with a bit hit to win game 19 and that what Orange did. Before Orange hit in the final round Black who  was the farest away Black had a nice hit and look like Black was going to win but Orange came up deep fly ball to come up with the win. I new that i had to have a good hit becouse Black was far away so know that i had to come big with a home run or just something to pass Black said orange. With the win Orange is now 7 points behind Colored for first and also Orange move into 2nd place with the win. Can i catch up to Colored said Orange hopefully said Orange i like to win first place said Orange i have not won first in quite long time said Orange now i have good chance at doing it said Orange.