Black wins 3th game on the Season 8/6/2017

August 6, 2017 – 06:30 PM

Black has bean on a roll at late but Black has had couple of bad games at late but has made up for it with a win Black took 8th in game 20 but won Game 21 for Black 3th win on the Season. I ended maken up for game 20 said Black didnt really have good game at all said Black but i made up for it in game 21 im moven up in the Standings said Black i like to stay in 4th for rest of the Season said Black i dont think il catch up to orange unless orange really start to have some bad games said Black. With win by Black yellow 3 fall to 5th place while Black moves up to 4th in the points Standings now yellow 3 is new wild card leader over Grey 2 Yellow 2 Yellow 1 and Grey 1.