Yellow 1 picks win number 2 8/17/2017

August 17, 2017 – 08:49 PM

With Yellow 1 in the wild card race Yellow 1 needed start racking up some points well Yellow 1 ends up getting a win 9 points max and gets even closer to Yellow for 5th final spot for the wild card spot. Last season i had that great of 2nd half of the Season this year little differnt but i am in that 5th final playoff race but also there couple of others who are to if i can grab couple of more wins il take over 5th with least 3 games left and hopefully dont lose it but i know Grey 2 Yellow 2 and Yellow 3 all want that last spot for the playoffs. Last year Yellow 1 lost to Big Blue in the first round of the playoffs that was a tough lost said Yellow 1 that game was going to go ether way i play great though that why i want to get back in the playoffs and have one more shot at a championship said Yellow 1.