Orange and Colored are first to clinch spot in the playoffs. 8/23/2017

August 23, 2017 – 01:22 PM

Orange just needed to be in the final round in game 26 to clinch spot in the playoffs and Orange did not only that Orange ended up winning game 26 for Orange 5 win on the Season. Orange wasnt only one that clinch spot in the playoffs Colored as well Colored just needed to get 4th or better to clinch spot and Colored took 2nd. With win by Orange Colored only has a 9 point lead over Orange for first. First place is going to come down to last couple of games said Orange im not far off but i cant have a bad game becouse Colored could have a good game like taken 2nd again then first lead will be instead even more said Orange. Last Season Colored won first by a lot while Orange took 2nd Colored had 7 wins last season while Orange had 5 wins.