2017 AWBBL World Sereis!! 10/9/2017

October 9, 2017 – 05:34 PM

The World sereis is now set up its going to be Colored and Orange in the World Sereis. Orange has never won a world sereis Colored has won one whitch was last year world sereis Colored beat Yellow 2 last year. This year whole lot differnt thats becouse Orange is in the world sereis this time around and Orange is lot tougher said Colored and also i have to win two games becouse Orange has not lost said Colored. When we play each other in the winner bracket final it was a home run derby and i wont be surprise if it will be shoot out first game and maby next game if i win said Colored. Orange said im going to keep doing what im doingand hopefully i win my first world sereis said Orange.