Winter coming to a end? 2/28/2018

February 28, 2018 – 02:45 PM

Warm  weather has arrived last couple of days but does this mean a early spring? Not sure yet but still snow in March and in April. Thats mean is Wiffleballbat season could start soon with practices and pre-Season games but we have to see what plays out next threw weeks. We still havnt decided what we are going to do for this season meaning are we going to have a 40 game season and get rid of the season-playoff forment were after the season then playoffs to see who wins the championship then we have season-playoff game after words to see who makes it to the postseason to see who wins the world series. Sometimes it is not always good idea to change things around we sill have time to decided what we are going to to.  Stay tune for more updates!!!!!!!!!!!!