Black pick up win number one of the season. 6/4/2018

June 4, 2018 – 07:05 PM

Well black didnt have a good pre season also black didnt have good first game of the season black place last in first game of the season but in next two games black starting get swing going after 3 games black has most home runs out everyone black has had least 3 home runs in last two games. That was my issue in the pre season my hitting was really bad ground ball after ground ball could not get the ball in the air im glad that i fix my swing little now then later if i did it to later il be to far back in the standings said black i know after got my swing figure out il win a game shorty and i did said black i out hit orange to win i was really surprise said black. If i can keep it going said black i might have good shot at winning first place this season said black.